New year, same me

Hi beloved bloggy,

I missed you- did you miss me? You don’t have to answer that.

Maybe, if you’re like me you’re wondering “hmmm… well if her New Years Resolution is to blog more, she’s getting kind of a late start on it, isn’t she?” Because you secretly judge people and resolutions in this scenario. Also, if you’ve been here before then you’ve seen my resolutions in (in)action.

Like last year- remember last years resolution? *cough, me neither*

BUT! That’s not my resolution this year. My resolution this year is to just keep up being awesome.

Well, also, are you ready for my lame excuses? We did kind of buy a house. I mean, I was right on schedule to knit socks every month and use up all my stash and everything. Then people were all like “Lindsey, why aren’t you helping us drywall? Lindsey, if you aren’t going to paint this closet then who will?”

I took this picture at 2am of John laying the floor in that very closet that I painted. Although it kind of looks like he passed out in the small corner.

So yeah, the house hijacked all my plans but gave me better plans instead. Because now we have a wonderful person living with us and she thinks Schmoo is adorable and not a weirdo.

So yeah, we’ve celebrated a few holidays already in this house. Including, Halloween:

We also just celebrated Christmas. (Well maybe not ‘just’ but you know, something similar to that.) Here are my Christmas highlights for you:

We had another holiday party, which meant another photobooth! [There are some pretty fun photos attached to those links.]

I made my dude pal Jared a Super Meat Boy ornament because he likes that ridiculously hard game. [that link is potentially NSFW since I feel like the creators of the game are always posting pictures of wangs.]

I put these lights up because I saw them on Pinterest. [feel free to add me on there :)] I was tired of seeing cool stuff on Pinterest and not actually doing the cool stuff that was on there… then I was like, what’s holding me back? DONE.

Anyways, I hope you had a good holiday season. Part of my resolution means that I’m going to try and do stuff that I enjoy (including posting here) and we’ll see what sticks. You never know what life is going to throw at you, so it’s hard to make promises. Just promise to be the best you that you can be, right?

2 thoughts on “New year, same me

    1. yeah, I figured they were clogging up all my main internet tubes, so I’d make a special tube just for her. 🙂

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