January, you are such a hater.

I love how we all start these resolutions in January, which happens to be a total love/happiness/energy killer. It sneaks up all stealth on people too. Right after the holidays, you have this sense of awesome new beginning with New Years or maybe you’re thinking good riddance- still, there’s all that newness to look forward to. Then the cold sucks. The snow happens. Your car breaks down and if your cat is anything like mine then January is a total cat vomit extravaganza. Gross.

Still, I’m trying to stay strong and keep up with my resolution of knitting from my stash. So here’s my FO for this hater of a month:

Kalajoki [rav link]. I knit these with some beautiful Lorna’s Laces. According to that blog entry, I’ve had this yarn in my stash for three years and I honestly don’t know what I’ve been waiting for. Although it’s a surprisingly thin wool. These socks came out pretty light weight and sporty. I’d knit with the yarn before but I sent the finished project to my Granma.

This was my first time with a sock pattern that had an anatomical toe. Meaning I knit differently for the left and right sock and the toes are angled either to the left or right accordingly. While they look cool on…

They look really stupid off. They come to a really crappy point at the end of the toe and then sort of puff out at the foot giving it the same silhouette as a row boat that a kid would draw. I had some problems with the pattern. It wasn’t a bad pattern or anything and was definitely great for being free. However some things just weren’t spelled out enough for me. I was increasing wrong at first and it was making big holes. Then all the stitches fell off my needles (damn you double points!) and I had to rip back to the ribbing anyways. A sort of hidden blessing in the middle of my curses.

Eh, whatever. That’s how I’m feeling toward most things right now and these socks aren’t getting any special treatment. I’m trying to decide what socks to knit for February. Anyone have some that are must knits?

8 thoughts on “January, you are such a hater.

    1. My tension got totally jacked on the second sock and it ended up being a full inch shorter! Don’t worry, your tension will work itself out as you keep going. Mine is always changing. πŸ™‚

  1. I love these socks! They’re adorable. I’ve been trying to stick with the destashing as well. It’s amazing what you find πŸ˜‰

    I feel ya on the cat vomiting thing. My cat just did a little barf-o-rama this morning. No better way to start the day than cleaning up puke. (I just three different ralphing (four) terms!…it’s the little things).

  2. the yarn and the pattern are great together! if i would not hate to knit socks i would try them too…maybe some day… if i find the patience.

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