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California Expedition

This is the story about how I got to go to California.

John works for a company and they want him to expand his knowledge. So they said, we’ll send you to this Adobe conference in LA. You know Adobe, right? If it’s on the internet they’re trying to talk about it. So John was like, sure thing! Then, because he’s a sweet guy, he was like, hey, do you want to come with me?

Hell yeah I do.

For some reason I wasn’t attracted to all of the attractions in LA and instead focused on shopping and seeing what was different about it from other places. These animal print leggings? Choice.

This was one of the many places in Santee Alley. Which, LA definitely does things differently because our alleys don’t have their own websites.

Japan Arcade

I thought this place looked cool. It was in a mall that we went to eat in. After, we tried to find this other place called Q Pop Shop. Meaning: we got terribly lost.

Q Pop Shop

It was a neat little store… but I like Wholly Craft better. πŸ˜‰


We also visited a Fry’s while out there because there aren’t too many close to us here. I loved all of the random displays they had in that sci-fi themed version. (Julie told me she’s been to an Aztec themed one before. I feel compelled, like I should catch them all.)

the less scenic route

Then I headed out for a day to visit the Winchester Mystery House and San Francisco, so I could visit/meet my internet friend TeeKay[rav link].Β She told me that I had taken the less scenic route, which I found hilarious because ^that^ is way more scenic than 70.

Casa de Fruta peacock

On the way, I unwittingly stopped at Casa de Fruta. A place that had both a peacock and a two-storied carousel. Way crazy, I know. So far I feel like I’ve posted some pointless photos and words because I know what you really came here for. It’s to find out if this internet stranger murdered me.

Maybe you think you’re being really clever and are like, well obviously they didn’t murder you because you’re sitting at your computer, probably naked, typing this whole thing to us right now. But you don’t know! I could be a brain in a glass jar sending out electron waves that the internet/you are receiving right now.


Purl Jam

This is her sweet group that meets every Tuesday. It’s called Purl Jam, if you’re in the area and interested. Which you should be. It made me all nostalgic for my old group, because these ladies are a fun time!

teekay and me

This is me and teekay! Aren’t we the cutest? (Even if I look a little crazy.) She even tried to show me some of her beautiful city while I was visiting her.

San Francisco

Although, I feel like I disappointed her because I was only there a tiny amount of time so she really only got to show me a small area of her city. But it was her neighborhood and I was excited to learn more about her, since we’ve been exchanging ravelry messages for a while now but that doesn’t tell you everything about someones’ personality, you know?


This is the kiln at her ceramics studio where she’s like the SUPER LEADER IN CHARGE. Once, she sent me the coolest mugs, out of the blue, just being nice.

I got this in the mail from the most fabulous teekay! Total shock/surprise :D

Now here she is showing you a Porta-Pagoda.

teekay and a port-a-pagoda

I’ve always heard them called Porta john’s or Porta potty but she called it a blue room. πŸ™‚

Not to keep you in suspense much longer, it was a fun, successful trip and she did not murder me. I didn’t murder her. Nobody got murdered that I know of. Yay! In fact, on my way back to LA, I saw three rainbows while leaving SF. The last one was super brilliant and was a double rainbow. All the way.

double rainbow

If you’re interested, here are the rest of my photos from my trip. So far we’ve had a pretty exciting year. I’m hoping to buckle down and knit some holiday presents now.

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