Seaside shawlette

If there’s anything you needed to do before the world-as-you-know-it ends, now is the time to do it. Because not only did I finish something but it was a lace something. A lace something. 

The Seaside Shawlette [rav link] which I happen to find anything with ‘lette’ at the end adorable. I’m proposing (via this blog) that more things add ‘lette’ to their name, especially horrible things, so the world will be a cuter place. Let me know if this proposal gains any sort of political clout.

Actually this was a super quick knit for me,  you know, at my pace anyways. I started it Thanksgiving weekend with this crazy plan that I would finish it in time to see the Nutcracker on December 15th (so less than a month). Now this is where the crazy part of that plan happens: I did. I finished the knitting two days before the Nutcracker expedition aaaand didn’t wear it. Because I didn’t block the thing. In fact, I didn’t block this sucker at all: Alison did.

Such a sweetie, that girl.

It’s kind of par for the course for me at this point. I sort of met my goal but then did something stupid to not really fulfill the goal.

Does this yarn look familiar? If you haven’t been following the Apocaknits saga since the beginning, I’ll tell you a goofy story. I got this yarn to do a mystery shawl with my Granma. Then I messed up and fell behind on it and decided to just wait until the shawl was done and fully released. Once it was, I discovered it was a weird fertility shawl that had like a stick mother (earth) giving birth on it.


But I still had a ton of this yarn. So I knit one lace thing but it looked all airy and weird and you could definitely see every mistake I made. (Bad mistakes, I’ve made a few.)

So I decided to hold two strands together and knit this guy, thinking I’d burn through my yarn. Of course, I still have two skeins left. At least it looks like butterflies!

One thought on “Seaside shawlette

  1. Oh, it’s beautiful! I ❤ pink! I'm surprised holding two strand together worked so well with all the yarn overs. I never would have tried that but it looks great! (And I even zoomed in on the picture of the arm real close so I can say that definitively.) #I'macreeper

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