home renovation

Time Suck

I’ve been meaning to tell you, my beloved blog, where I’ve been.

At our new house! Which in my head sounds like the old announcer from The Price is Right saying “A NEW CAR”.

I’ve been meaning to post some before and after photos. At first I thought, well maybe they don’t want a knitting blog to turn into some home renovation blog… but you guys are usually so cool that you roll with whatever I post and that’s why I love you. Plus, I already have at least one thing that I plan on knitting for it and I’m going to be looking for some advice and help on it.

Anyways, I’ve only got one before and after photo for you today. For a couple of reasons. One is that I have a million before photos but we’re still in the long process of moving and unpacking so I don’t have too many after photos. Also, we’re not far enough along yet to have too many after photos. Although we have painted two rooms and I have plans for another two…

There was an unfinished third floor and when we get that finished… I really think you’re going to be amazed. At least, I’m pretty amazed with it so far.

So, here’s the first before and after. To give you the sort of idea of what we’re dealing with, the woman who had the house before us was, uh, eccentric to say the least.

Before. (Sorry for the crappy phone picture but I remembered, hey I should take a picture of this before I clean it.)


16 thoughts on “Time Suck

  1. oh my god … I thought that was concrete with stains on it! how’d you get that carpet so clean? did you rent a professional steam cleaner? I need to know!

    1. Oh yeah, industrial strength steam cleaner and a whole bottle of cleaner later and it’s a whole new place.

  2. I can’t wait to see it in person! It’s so charming from the outside. I’m sure it has a lot of character on the inside too!

    1. It’s full of weird little charm and quirky details. To be honest before we walked through the house I had ruled it out from how it looked on the outside. But the inside won me over big time. I can’t wait for you and everyone to see it!

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