If you see that and you’re still interested in knowing about me- awesome. You’re gutsy.

This is a blog that often gets dusty… it’s supposed to be about knitting but mostly it’s about me. Hopefully nothing too excruciatingly detailed about me although sometimes that happens too. Mostly I do weird stuff and instead of walking it off and pretending like it never happened I usually take a photo and share it with the whole world so they can live through my embarrasment with me.

If you want to know the basics though, I’m Lindsey from (Columbus) Ohio. I enjoy knitting, watching movies and taking pictures of my cats. I’m married and you’ll often read about John because I spend a lot of time hanging out with him pretending like we’re married when we’re really just dating but we both like pretending to be legitimate adult human beings. Because we’re definitely not robots trying to infiltrate human society for devious purposes.

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