the house on the rock

To get to Minnesota we had to drive through a little (ha!) state called Wisconsin. We decided to stop at a place called “the house on the rock” in Spring Green. I didn’t know too much about it going in, just that it was architecturally unique and that there was a bunch of weird crap inside. We actually signed up for their first ever guided tour and I can now safely say that I know even less than I did before going in. *grumble* *humbug*

Still, I’m impressed with the house. At least, I’m impressed with the amount of weird crap in the house. The guy who built it was originally interested in the circus and instruments that play themselves. He collected and kept everything (ticket stubs, books, anything that interested him). The people who bought the house after him collected porcelain dolls and Fabergé eggs. The dolls mixed well with the circus theme (aka creepy things) but the eggs were a little weird. To be honest though, I’ve had a fascination with Fabergé since I was a kid and saw something on TV about them, so I was excited to see things that were connected to that.

A very large machine that played several instruments. Including jugs and bottles.

Random ornate clock on the Streets of Yesterday. The name of the street and orientation reminded me a lot of our local COSI.

My stepmom thought this was wild. She was like, oh, so all I need to lose some weight is a tapeworm, awesome. I took quite a few pictures while we were looking around. You can check them out, if you’re curious, here.

One of the coolest parts of the house architecturally is the Infinity Room. It juts out from the house and has no support beams. It reminded me of this, at about 3:10 in:

Why, having fun?

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