Granma’s house

It’s actually a house that was built by my great grandparents. They even built on a sauna. Although you almost need to have something like that, living in Minnesota. My Granma was getting rid of some of the things in her basement and just some of her things in general, so I made a video about the things that I brought back from her house.

She also showed me her most recently finished project. A scarf for a woman who mentioned wanting something with a zig-zag pattern. Granma actually whipped this scarf up off the top of her head, no pattern or anything!

I’m always so impressed with her knitting. Actually, I usually just so impressed with her.

She then took the leftover yarn and made a headband up, just to get the most out of the whole experience. When I told her I liked it she said, “of course you do, there’s a button on it.”

It got my ears zero to roasty-toasty in one minute flat.

In other news, I took a picture of my sock yarn and tried to get it all in once place.

It’s hard not to slip into denial. Say, oh that doesn’t look so bad. But then I remembered that I had two suitcases and my sock yarn used to reside in the smaller of the two cases. Now it’s in the bigger of the two and, to be honest,

the lid doesn’t even close anymore! It’s not like I can just take some of the sock yarn out and put it in the smaller case either. I’ve already filled the smaller one up with lace yarn. So, I really need to put my head down and commit to Stash Killers even more now. Guess I’ll go ahead and wrap this up with a picture of myself from the car.

Love ya!


11 thoughts on “Granma’s house

  1. I agree, I think those are for making pom-poms. Although I think that poms are a ridiculous adornment. Um, the purple teapot is super awesome! I don’t even drink tea(I know, sacrilege!) and I want one. lol Your granma is great. “Of course you do, there’s a button on it”

  2. wow, i’m so impressed by her too! super cute zig-zag scarf.

    i think that’s a fine sock yarn collection. mine also exceeded it’s original storage container in 2009 (the year of on-line shopping) and i had to start a sock yarn storage annex. i’m hoping to knit it down enough to all fit in its original container with the help of my fellow stash killers!

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