Thanks so much for the suggestions on my previous post about the yarn baby’s deceitfulness. I wish I had a scale or something so I could weigh it because not only does that sound like the most resourceful and easy way to figure it out- it also sounds cool in a “something Bill Nye would do” kind of way.

Both the boy and I stayed home sick today because we have somehow contracted sars. We’re not dying, we just have tiny spurts of energy that last for about ten minutes and then we’re done for the next hour. All the while sniffling, coughing and gasping in large amounts of cat hair, which I’m sure is making us waaay better- it’s getting pretty lame here. Pity party over here, whoop whoop!

So, here’s a meme:

More info here. (I would like to see other peoples (I won’t name names but you know who you are), I got this one from Bittersweet.)

7 thoughts on “Quickidate.

  1. Did you see Bill on Numb3rs a while back? I told my son, but he’s never around on Friday.

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