Conflicting yardage issue- Help!

So, my yarn baby:

It’s lying to me, so now I don’t feel so bad for wanting to eat it. Or if it’s not lying to me then someone else is lying to me and either way by the end of this- someone or thing is going to get eaten. Mark my words.

You see, the tag says:

60% merino, 40% bamboo approx. 600 yds/548 mts

Okay, sure. However, the manufacturers website and ravlery both say 1200 yds. Now, last time I checked approx. meant give or take a few yards, not give or take half the size. So what in the crap is going on? How do I know how much yarn I have and what I can even make with it? I’m appealing to you innernets- HELP!

12 thoughts on “Conflicting yardage issue- Help!

  1. Step away from the baby!

    Unwrap the hank until it’s a loop with its ends tied, and measure how long it is end-to-end. Then count how many strands of yarn are on one side and multiply by two. It won’t give you a perfect yardage but more approx than 600-1200 yards.

  2. You could try weighing it and then compare that with what is on ravelry or the manufacturer’s website. If it is the same weight, then you would know that they labeled it wrong.

  3. Okay, molly is smarter than me. I was going to say it looks more like 1200 than 600. I had the same problem with my yarn baby. Tag says 1200 but Ravelry says 400. Common sense says to me that there is way more yarn in my baby than 400 yards. You dig? But now I’m going to try molly’s trick instead because my common sense has really f-ed me over before.

  4. I would maybe take a look around on Rav at a similar weight/fiber content yarn and see what the weight and yardage is of that yarn, and maybe weigh yours and see how they match up?

    No idea. But good luck 🙂

  5. ok..I have one of those too. skein is approx 2 feet long making one continous wrap approx 4ft X 484 wraps (mine and yes..I did count them) = 1936 ft divided by 3 (3 ft in a yard) =645.33 yards…give or take a miscount here or there

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