Okay, so this might meander a little, if you want to, feel free and skip down to the one knitting related picture I’ve taken lately.

There’s a book:

And I’ve wanted to knit a particular something out of this book for a long time… but I couldn’t justify buying the whole book because it’s expensive and I just don’t think I have a whatever body to make anything in this book work. There are also some ladies that I knit with:

(Thanks Betty for letting me use this photo!)

Well the one lady on the right, three people up or two people down depending on how you look at it is the Molly that I feel like I’m always talking about, or at least always all of the sudden. When she saw that I had finally decided to take the plunge and knit something from that book, she said that she loves the patterns but wouldn’t make anything because she would look “lumpy”. Which I thought was funny later on that night because I showed John that picture so he could see who all of these “Mollys” were… he looked at it and when I point out Mollylouhoo, the first thing he said was “she looks like a knitter” and the second thing he said was “she could eat a sandwich or two.” Which is his way of saying, Jesus, she’s skinny.

I don’t know what it is about us people but we all have sort of ‘innocent’ (and often not so innocent) ways of making judgments about peoples appearances and then saying it to that person. Like one time I was on a plane with a Woody Allen impersonator.

(I stole this image from here.)

Anyways, while this guy was telling me about how many jigawatts his first computer had and how he got his first neurotic tendency, he said “well you don’t have any piercings or tattoos, so I guess I can safely assume you’re not one of those ska girls.”

Which takes me back again to this time where I was in high school and a girl I didn’t know very well randomly said to me: “You know, your nose isn’t actually too bad. It’s not big, it’s not small, it’s actually kind of cute.”

Er, gee thanks. I think?

So, yeah, my point is that everything is a matter of perspective. That Woody Allen guy thought he could talk to me ad nauseam because I wasn’t one of those dreaded ska girls. Whereas my mom’s family is a bunch of jerks who say intensely hurtful things about my appearance pretty much nonstop. A reason I will never go back to being a red head. LOL, okay, that was probably a bad decision in the first place but honestly, they have no room to ever make criticisms about appearance. Oh snap!

Also! I feel the need to share a spur of the moment type thing… I got a new bike!

It is a red Schwinn Passage.

I don’t know anything about bikes. I just told my dad that I wanted a cheap bike that was light weight because I’m a puss and won’t ride anything that’s heavy since that’s like extra work and stuff like OMG. Well I guess someone he’s working for who does triathlons (just typing that word makes me sick a little) just got herself a new (kickass-er) bike, so I get her super sweet Schwinn… which according to the bike dude at the bike place is “a really nice bike.” (He said that about 20 times and I swear I thought he was going to get my address to come and steal this thing from me.) Actually, the bike dude almost fainted when we told him I was getting it for free because apparently… it’s a really nice bike.

Which is a shame honestly since I have no idea how to ride a nice bike. Every bike I’ve owned until now has been bought from Meier and came with a free air pump, like nice basketballs sometimes do.

So yeah, I’m knitting that Corset-Bodice nightgown from that book, in case you were getting curious about knitting…

I’m getting excited about it. This picture shows all of the yarn that I had invested in that Yosemite. Which goes to show that one mans broken half of a sweater is that same mans almost finished holey top thing. I mean, it’s all about perspective right? Oh, circular!

P.S. Does anyone have any good bike resources or knowledge they want to share with me? Because I need some serious help.

P.P.S. Sometimes I look at myself and think “geez you’re fleshy”.

6 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Oh, I think you look cute as a redhead! Although you don’t really look like you, I wouldn’t have recognized you unless, you know…I knew it was you.

    I bet you’re glad you didn’t buy that bike at the Wool Fest, because that Schwinn is a really nice bike.

  2. Oh you can totally do the redhead thing – wow! Your mom’s family have no idea what they are talking about and they are lame for saying crap like that.
    We know it is impossible to get a bad picture of you πŸ™‚

    Nice bike! Nice knitting!

    I know my appearance doesn’t project who I really am. I guess that’s why I’m stealthy πŸ˜›

  3. Dave (Dovey) actually used to build and repair bikes and I am always pimping out his services to my lady friends (sounds much dirtier than it actually is). And while John is sweet, even Heidi Klum can look lumpy and lumpy is not a good look for anyone. I will eat a sandwich today and think of him πŸ™‚ Aside from all that your knitting looks fab! And thanks for the invite to the gun show – hot!

  4. I look very lumpy in that picture. ACK

    I love your new bick. You look like a serious biker chick!

    You my dear are a beautiful person on the inside and out. I think the problems lie with the speaker of bad things.

  5. That bike is fricken jawesome!
    And I agree.. red hair is hott.

    Your knitting also looks amazing and way too complicated for me.
    Have you been sewing at all lately?

  6. I had a Schwinn when I was a teeny bopper that I rode everywhere. I never had a single problem with it. When I joined the military, my mother got rid of all my stuff. I was going to come get it all when I got my permanent assignment. She said she didn’t have room. I was really PISSED. It was just her and my brother living in a FOUR bedroom house. OK. I’ll stop.
    I hope you have a great time with your new bike.

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