This weeks highlights

This week on Sick Sad World:


My husband is definitely a scarf knitter. What is pictured above is actually NINE scarves. All done in garter stitch. Does he know how to purl? Yes he does. However, to him, purling is the work of the Devil, so welcome to the land of garter stitch.

stack of awesome

Sexy, right?

Also, in my husband’s world, there’s only one type of yarn, which would mysteriously just appear in our house in bulk. I was cleaning out the yarn and finally I was like, WTF is up with all of this damn Lion Brand Homespun yarn? It was like every time we went into a JoAnn’s or a Michael’s he would pick up a skein of that nasty boucle yarn and then hide it around the apartment for me to find and go: what the hell??

The tower is what we finally settled on. A blanket for our friends that are getting married. Since we didn’t have too many actual skeins left, I’ve spent my week ripping apart his beautiful garter stitch scarves so we would have enough to make a blanket and not just a towel. It was really kind of miserable to rip out all of his hard work, although he could care less because this way he’s making a bunch of mini-scarves.

the balls

Yeah, I kept the purple one because I actually wear that scarf. The other scarves were kind of ugly colors to be honest and they just went under to doors to stop drafts. Luckily I had some help doing the whole ‘scarf-into-something-productive’ thing:

sax and mousepissed saxman I hate you so hardhelpingyour end is near human

Click for even BIGGER human hating cat.

There was also more drama about this apartment we’re moving into, I broke my friends car by putting down the window, we tried new dinners and they were hilarious and all that stuff, but all of that seems lame after pictures of kitties and yarn, right?

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