Aw geez

Sorry I’m so bad at blogging guys.

In my defense… well yeah, there really isn’t one. We just moved though and now we’re settled. Although everything is really messy, all the time. What’s that about?

However, moving and figuring out what there is around here hasn’t stopped me from doing some freaky Christmas knitting already. I noticed right away that this new place has a fireplace, something that is pretty obvious because it’s the first thing you pretty much see right when you come in the door. Those who know me know that Christmas is actually my least favorite holiday, so I don’t exactly get thrilled about knitting stuff for it. My goal this year though is to learn how to make socks. Well, for the first half of the year it was to make a sweater, since I did that my new goal is socks. Hopefully my upcoming trip to MN will help in this quest for sock knitting glory. What am I talking about?

Well the best way to knit something is to knit a bigger version of it first and then go from there, right?

Christmas stockings, so now we’ll have something for the holiday to put on that mantle.

The pink and blue one is the first one I made, which is pretty obvious. I definitely wrinkled out the mistakes with the second one which I made for my husband. Sickening, right? His and Hers stockings.

I also just cross stitched that raccoon ornament thing that’s right above them. It was weird doing cross stitch, that’s kind of my mom’s thing.

I also made this grape-y bracelet. I just got a new pair of needle nose pliers that also have wire cutters built in. It definitely makes beading a lot easier. I’m taking a class tomorrow to learn how to make some kind of earrings or other. The beads are purple cats eyes that the mister got me at a bead convention a while back. I made some earrings as well to go with them, but so far I don’t like them enough to take pictures of them. I like them, they’re just not me so much.

This past Friday, the mister asked me out on a date and took me to this place called the Amazon Grill. Which is a sort of meat buffet, only not really because they bring the meat to you at the table.

Pretty wild right? Just think of it as a vegetarian’s worst nightmare.

When the block thing is turned to green they bring around meat to your table. When it’s red it means you want a break from heart attackville. They also had a buffet that you actually walk to and around, where they had, among other things, fried bananas.

Elvis would be so proud. I assure you the sign says fried bananas. Although I wanted to retake the picture because of the glare apparently people get weirded out when you take pictures in restaurants. Especially when you take pictures in restaurants in the snooty end of town, yeesh people! I’m not selling your pictures to the paparazzi.

After going to the snooty meat buffet, we were going to go see a movie but it was so nice out that I thought we should take a walk instead. Explore our new part of town.

Since we live in Dublin, the fire hydrants are green. How quaint. (Quaint’s not exactly the word I’m looking for though, hmmmm.) The night ended with a four mile walk, from our house to some random shopping center that has an amazing grocery store that we’ll probably shop at from now on. This place was just, I don’t even know how to describe it. An organization freaks dream, that’s for certain. Oh yeah, we also got to Anthony Thomas right before it closed.

I knot they’re not real gold but I sure felt richer.

It was a really great night, a very fun date. Although my feet hurt a lot since I haven’t been walking as much. Also, people in Dublin don’t walk anywhere, ever. For being so “rich” you’d think they’d want to have some nice sidewalks to make the place look a little nicer. No, they’re definitely sending the “we hate you” vibe to everyone.

A preview of what I’m working on now:

Cat sweater for Crazy Aunt Purl’s contest. Sax seems happy with it so far… I think. Or she’s happy with being comatose.

Internet: Serious business.
I approve this post.

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