So I’m tooling around my new flickr homepage (if you haven’t already, enable it!) and I get totally crazed the second I realize that I can view my photostreams STATS.

STATS! people. One of the STATS that they have is how people get to your photos in the first place. A majority of my views come from flickr itself, which is pretty obvious and makes sense. However a couple of views came from a totally wacked out website:

We Feel Fine.

You need to check this out. (If you haven’t already because I’m usually pretty slow on these trendy things.) So I searched through my photos to see how many times I had the word ‘feel’ or ‘feeling’ in a description.

This one is because that sidewalk feels weird.

In this one I felt like a doll.

However, when I went to the We Feel Fine website it really kind of terrified me because it reminded me of the movie Suicide Club. Has anyone seen that movie??! Because as I was staring at the dots swarming around I thought: I know what the dots really mean.

Besides that this was kind of fun. What’s another good word to search for in a flickr photostream? Have? Want? Need? Don’t you think this could be kind of a cool completely time absorbing sort of game? Oh internet, how did I waste my life away before you?

Oh yeah, that’s right, TV.

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