So this story starts with ice cream:

That’s Betty and her daughter Shauna. Before we even got to A Wool Gathering we hit up Young’s.

Then there were some tents:

Which involved bunnies:

Also alpaca’s that like to get funky:

I got some yarn:

We went on a hike.

We saw Dave Chappelle’s very long driveway and possibly his trashcans…?

The day ended with more (gigglier) ice cream! Does it get any better than this?

8 thoughts on “Perfection?

  1. What a beautiful shade of blue–what are you going to make with that? Sounds like a wonderful day–I like the idea of ice cream to begin and end a trip!

  2. I had the Butterscotch Chip and it was gross. I was disappointed because I had heard so many wonderful things about their ice cream. Next year I will stick with the regular flavors. Maybe that is where I went wrong with my selection.

    Looks like you all had a great time!

  3. To the song “It’s A Small World”.

    I randomly clicked on your blog through the comment train group and found that you just went to the Wool Gathering where I also just went.

    I’m happy to see how much fun you had and how cool to see Dave Chappelle’s (possible) trashcans.

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