Mission (sort of, okay, half) Accomplished!

So I took a Mystery Sock class at Temptations about a month (or two) ago… and I’ve finally finished the first mitten!

(It was Christmas in July, so at least I got it done before real Christmas, you know?)

I love the yarn, I think the pattern is cute… However, the nub is bothering me. Top right. That’s definitely a nubbin of some sort. It gives me a twitch when I look at it. I’m all like: good good good- nub?!

So I’m wondering if I should even make the second one. I have the yarn for the second one… I kind of want to make a pair of mittens but I’m not sure if it should be these mittens. Thoughts? Opinions?

Also, here’s a picture of John in, I swear, the only shirt he’s wanted for a year. Why do people make it so hard to buy clothes? Why do people wear clothes at all?

5 thoughts on “Mission (sort of, okay, half) Accomplished!

  1. I think it’s pretty and I’d knit the other one. Just to do it really. lol Love the ridiculous shirt. People wear clothes because A) that whole religious thing, Adam/Eve, tree…you know?; B) cuz they’re cool. Duh. If we didn’t wear clothes what would we knit? Blankets all of the time? Ew.

  2. wow that mitten looks super warm! If you don’t get around to knitting the other one you could always use it as an oven mitt because that thing looks bulletproof! I don’t really see any nubs because I’m too mesmerized by your amazing cableling abilities. If you like it I say go for the second because it looks really impressive. Otherwise I’m always a fan of those half mitten half glove things

  3. That’s a really nice pattern and I like the color πŸ™‚

    You should be happy people wear clothes. People wouldn’t want to see me without them πŸ˜›

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