Where in the World is…

Well, if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been or if I’ve been swept away by my super secret knitting society… well I’ll let you know, it’s not knitting that’s completely grabbed my attention and taken me from  you (I know- blasphemy!) it’s Learn and Play.

So, I’m going to link you up to my Learn and Play blog and if you’re bored you can give it a looksy and if you hate me for abandoning you, I’m sorry. 😦

They forced me. At gun point. They forced me to play on the internet at work and get paid for it and I tried to fight it, I swears. (Plus I’m helping other people learn about the internet and that’s like my life’s goal.) Because I can’t leave you without a picture and I don’t have many of my own at this moment, I want to show you a hat I think I want to make for myself this winter:

Chain Chomp Hat! Check the pattern here. How awesome is that? I could totally rock that hat.

Also, this Piranha Plant is super bitchin:

Again, I’m sorry. It’s not that I love you any less… and if I could just sit down and finish my lace. Oh yeah right, who am I kidding? Lace is KILLING ME. Remember the lace face? I almost cried lace tears the other night.

2 thoughts on “Where in the World is…

  1. you could totally rock that hat! I’m trying to knit a hat from a pattern and it’s not going so well.

    Your evil internet-using Benjamin Franklin-ish man in your other blog freaks me out.

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