Pregnancy Socks for my Big Fat Foot

So, obviously I made these socks a while ago because I have a child tumbling around my house somewhere these days. A big hearty baby. That baby is also my excuse for not making more stuff and not blogging recently. But you guys know, I’m always full of excuses. I’m just hoping a baby is a good enough excuse that you might buy it this time? Maybe? Naww, you know me too well.

Yikes! I bet you didn’t expect to see a scary picture of some swollen feet but well, I tried to warn you with the title. I had one big fat foot when I was pregnant. The other one was just kind of squishy. But the right one got out of control. My OB actually poked it at one point and said, “is this thing alright?”

It had gotten to the point of being a thing and was no longer a foot.

Also, I was freezing all winter! It was really kind of irritating when we would take the hospital tours and the tour guides would make jokes about how all pregnant women want to live in ice chests because of how hot they got. They just loved painting these pictures of women only being happy giving birth in snow banks.

I made this ridiculous decision to knit myself some socks. Even though it takes me forever to knit anything, I went ahead and knit these and even made one bigger in the foot to compensate for the swelling. The pattern is Wedge by Cookie A and even just in the medium, the pattern makes one huge sock! For the second sock, I actually stopped doing the wedge pattern in the foot and decreased a bunch of stitches. I did this for two reasons:

  1. A more snug fit for my foot that wasn’t out of control huge. It made that regular foot feel like the real winner.
  2. I’m always knitting these socks and having a ton of yarn left over. So for once I was like, I’ll knit the longer sock and win! Only I was sweating bullets on the second sock because it was clear I wasn’t going to have enough yarn. I ended up with the tiniest bit left when I was done.

I knit this in Abstract Fiber, in the Portland colorway, which a friend convinced me to branch out and try something that wasn’t in my usual color palette. I’m glad that I did! But they really aren’t ‘me’. So, it was a good experiment because being pregnant wasn’t really ‘me’ either. I didn’t feel like myself. I still don’t, I’m trying to get used to being a mom.

At first I was like, what am I going to do with one huge sock? But I figure that foot will end up being extra toasty when I wear two socks under it next winter.

Sometimes, it really helps to do the stuff that you did before, that made you feel normal, you know? Like neglecting my blog. Or doing a kickass podcast with a friend.

Then there’s reading books about impotent 30-something dudes who suck but you’re kind of rooting for…? Is anyone else tired of that trope in media lately? If I have to hear about one more dissatisfied white dude who feels out of it, I may snap. (Obviously, I wasn’t a huge fan of Gone Girl.)

Missed you!

One thought on “Pregnancy Socks for my Big Fat Foot

  1. Congratulations on your new baby! I hope to see pictures of the little one totally swathed in hand-knits! Take care.

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