2012 Project: Marin (for Mom)

I had this idea today- I’ll do a year in review post for my blog! Even though it’s pretty obvious that 2012 was the year I did the least amount of knitting in. That’s when I realized, I have like three projects I haven’t even shared with you yet. So, a year in review seems kind of… stupid. Especially since I had a major holiday push to make stuff and knit more in the last two months of the year than I had the previous eight.

When I got together with a group of fabulous knitting ladies, they were all knitting shawls. I don’t know what it is about mother effing shawls that just the mention of them is so intoxicating to me. I don’t wear shawls. They’re like bigger scarves and you all know how I feel about scarves… There’s just something about them that when people mention these awesome shawls they’re knitting, I feel like I need to knit one too. So, I decided to knit Marin.

I think it came out pretty nice! I really enjoyed the yarn that I knit it in: Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK. Although to be honest, when I finished, it wasn’t much to look at. This is definitely a pattern where the blocking is key. Without it being blocked, it was just kind of unimpressive. Especially the ribbed scallop deals that make it actually look interesting. When they aren’t open, it’s just really bland looking. I finished this in like October… but didn’t take any pictures or anything because I didn’t feel like blocking it. Crawling around on the floor and pinning stuff to the ground just hasn’t been as doable for me lately. I started to and it made me feel really barfy, so John helped me, because he’s awesome.

Here we are at Christmas!

Yep, me and John are having a baby! And that baby is actually due pretty soon, like in about a month, give or take a few weeks. I haven’t really posted about the baby online too much for a few reasons. It’s kind of interesting because people are both ways. They’re constantly like, “people post too much about their babies!” But when I didn’t make some big announcement quite a few people were almost accusatory and hostile, like, “why aren’t you constantly posting about this baby?” As if I’m ashamed or something. It’s not anything like that and I love that people are interested in my life. It’s just, when it comes to important stuff, I keep it for myself. Because I’m selfish and also because when you put something out there, everyone takes away something different and most of the time you have no say in it (and never hear their response or even know who saw what you posted when). Which happened eventually anyways, so hey!

Honestly, my facebook and twitter friends should be grateful because if I had gone the other route it would’ve been all about throwing up, being tired and feeling like general crap for the first two trimesters. (Did you know your armpits can be itchy from your expanding mammary glands in pregnancy? Yeah, you’re welcome.)

Even though I’ve been an on again/off again lameosaur, I still managed to do some fun holiday things. One of which was a walking tour of the downtown Christmas lights with some fun ladies. It ended up being a really nice night, with some random rain. This winter has seemed a little wacky to me, like it can’t make up its’ mind. One second, rain and it’s fifty degrees out.

The next second, there’s ice, all kinds of snow and my husband and father are like, let’s tear off a roof and put a new one on the porch! So over his holiday vacation, John decided to get up on the porch roof and make things happen. I don’t know how they did it- because the weather was pretty gross, but they did and I’m impressed.

Even now, as I’m writing this he’s in the nursery sanding the floor. If we had stuck to the original room that we were planning on making a nursery it would be done by now… but I had a whim and we switched rooms. So now one room is half finished and there’s a new room having work done on it. I’m hoping to post some pictures but who knows- I promise nothing!

So yeah, that’s a blog post for you. 2012 was a pretty eventful year but I’m really excited for 2013. I didn’t even bother making resolutions this year because I honestly have no idea what to expect, so why try and shape something you can’t understand?

11 thoughts on “2012 Project: Marin (for Mom)

    1. Thanks Tracey! I hope you have a great 2013 too and I’m excited to hear about your stash busting and mushroom hunting exploits in this new year.

  1. I think 2013 is going to have a bundle of projects…. get it? Bundle? Also, I love the tag “pregnant”. That will come in handy when searching blog posts in the future.

    Also, that last photo is fantastic.

    1. Is it just because I said ‘they’ in the post at all? Because I made super careful extra sure to not refer to the baby as they since it makes the older generation lose their minds. I did say they though when I was talking about people bitching on Facebook. Because that’s a definite they and is like 80% of that websites purpose. The other 20% being claiming offers and posting inspirational memes.

  2. You look amazing! CONGRATULATIONS! That is so exciting. And pish tosh on the posting too much or too little baby stuff. You post what you want and who gives a flying f*** what all anyone else thinks? I for one can’t wait to see pics of your little one! 😀

    1. Well I definitely enjoy seeing pics of your super cute baby on flickr when I visit it. Thanks for the support! 😀

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