Pictures, why are they suddenly hard?

I keep thinking about you sweet blog and you know why? Because I have all kinds of stuff to post on you. But I don’t have any pictures! A blog post without pictures? Why the hell did you even show up to class/the Internet today without doing the reading?

But I have been busy! Kind of. Well there were a few months there where I wasn’t busy. I was actually very incredibly lame. Nobody comes here for excuses though, right? (Or maybe that’s all you come here for? Sometimes I get pretty creative on the excuses.)

Maybe what I need to do is make more stuff for other people. Because when I know the project is going to be walking out the door I’m like, crap! I better take a picture of that before it’s gone forever.

I started this baby toy a while back and felt really good because I’d done the base in a night. Then it sat in a bag next to the steps for a few months and suddenly the baby it was intended for decided to show up. So, of course, I had to do a last minute all-nighter (it’s okay, I had a lot of Pretty Little Liars to watch) to finish it up and take it to the new parents.

Honestly, I need to figure out why, in my brain I keep thinking- baby? Crochet! Because I’m a knitter and these crochet things are actually kind of cool… although also out of my league. Like I had to ask my friend Miranda how to sew because every now and then I think, I can sew! Then I look at the sewing machine and I’m like, no brain, that was a lie.

Also- that green pole? That was the most uncomfortable experience of my crafting career. I kept stuffing it and trying to make it firm and having to smooth out the weird overstuffed parts. The whole time I was like:

This makes me feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.

Thanks, Garth

I think the recipient is still a little young for the toy but maybe someday she’ll want to slobber on it. Hopefully. One thing is for certain, she’s super cute:


The pattern is the pond friends stacking toy but I couldn’t make the rings look like pond friends. One, there were a lot of instructions and I can’t think straight lately (also: crochet). Two, I have a bunch of yarn laying around but not all the same colors, so I was like, let’s just go in this pink/purple direction and use up some stash. Those aren’t excuses, right?

Hey, here’s a hat!


A year ago we went to California and I bought some yarn… even though I ::technically:: wasn’t buying yarn last year. I gave it to John as a Christmas present and wrote ‘future hat’ on the side. I felt pretty clever because, any time in the future is the future. I mean, it could be a five years down the road hat. But I kept seeing it (he kept it by the bed, smart dude) and feeling bad so I made him this hat!

Okay, somebody come over here and make me take pictures of the two other projects I’ve finished and we’ll be good to go.


5 thoughts on “Pictures, why are they suddenly hard?

    1. It was harder for me to stuff the toy in the end. I mostly took the easy way out on it by not doing the fancy stuff the pattern originally called for. I’m still trying to get a consistent stitch when I crochet. My knitting is pretty even from doing it over time. I’m still trying to figure out what is going on, even with the very basic crochet stitch. I really like making these easy baby toys in crochet but I feel bad when I give people these things that I see all the lumps and bumps in. Especially since Steggo is a crocheter herself, she probably sees where I still don’t have a good stitch consistency.

    1. Dude, you and me both. I was surprised to actually get that toy done. I’d pretty much given up on doing anything worthwhile but then I was like, stop making excuses. Everyone else is kicking ass lately, you need to get on that train- toot toot!

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