back from summer vacation- yay!

Summer swept me away! I was carried away on a rip tide of popsicles and lemon shake ups. Somewhere in the back of my mind though I was like, but Lindsey- the blog! I thought of you guys being disappointed in me because I wasn’t taking pictures. There was even a two month period where I didn’t knit a single stitch.

Does that ever confuse anyone else? I mean, how can we go from doing something that means so much to us, something that might even define us in a way to just not doing it? In one way you’re like, this is something I could never live without! I’d die without ______ in my life. Then it’s not in your life and you don’t die. You just do something else. Maybe you eventually remember, wait, I liked that thing, why did I ever quit doing it? (Or you don’t and you never do it again. Yeesh. Uplifting.)

That’s what I’m here for folks! Or not really. That’s what I’m occasionally here for, like an absentee relative. You know, the kind that if they do give you a present it’s usually shitty…? No?


People came over to my house and we made terrariums. It was a fun group project to do. I was tired of seeing them on Pinterest and at craft shows and thinking, I could do that. Yeah, well, then do that.


What a fun loving group of terrarium makers.

Here’s one that I made with Iron Man fighting a dinosaur. All of those plants are dead now except the cactus. Win?

I went to a few things/places this summer. One of them was the Ohio State Fair. Since it’s Columbus’ 200th birthday, the butter cow got a special birthday hat this year. We do it up fancy here.


Oh butter cow, so majestic.

This year John and I celebrated five years of being married! 😀 We decided to do this by going to Tennessee. I tried figuring out the exact mentality that got us to Tennessee. There aren’t any charts online to point to saying the fifth anniversary is the one you celebrate by going to the South, however I can’t wait for the Quebec anniversary. I hear that place is off the hook.


Whatever the mentality that got us there, I’m glad it did. Otherwise I never would have met Mrs. Claus. There are some events in your personal timeline that really shape and define you. This was probably one of them, so thank you magical Universe fairy for getting me to the Christmas themed hotel we stayed at so I could make destiny happen.

Are you sick of seeing pictures of my face yet? Here’s one of John dominating at mini-golf. He’s kind of a big deal in the miniature golf world.


There are more pictures of our Tennessee trip here if you’re interested.

So yeah, in the very little knitting news of my life lately. I did try spinning for the first time at a craft show and it was cool. Every now and then I’m like, spinning! That’s a thing I should do! Then I’m like… … knit the yarn you already have before making some of your own. That’s the kind of mentality that never gets you anywhere fun though.


I also made this praying mantis for my friend Jen’s birthday. It was a tough friggin toy to knit. That Hansi Singh is like whoa you guys.


She seemed like she really appreciated my hard work though. Some people are totally knit worthy! (I guess. I’m still a pretty selfish knitter.)



4 thoughts on “back from summer vacation- yay!

  1. My little praying mantis guy is the closest thing I have to a pet. Love! He keeps me company. We’re pals.

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