Julie is almost done with her amazing Swirl sweater. She just has a sleeve left and then the seaming to do. Well, she also had some ends to tie up…

Kind of disheartening. I’m pretty sure these sweaters are made specifically with old school knitting circles in mind. There are stronger women than me out there but if I had this many ends to weave in on my own I think I would just break down and cry.

They’re pretty ends but there’s a ton of them nonetheless. Plus the goal once you have a beautiful sweater is to hide them seamlessly. Because after all that hard work (it’s a friggin’ sock yarn sweater!) the last thing you want is:

1. All of that work to unravel because a crappy end gets loose and

2. To have some crappy end breaking up the beautiful colors in the sweater because it was woven in all wrong, oh and don’t forget

3. Washing this thing once and having every end in existence magically popping out and saying here I am! Now go get the scissors.

She brought her sweater over and I turned on last.fm and we got to work. Every so often though I had to get up to change a song because somehow my regular radio station kept being infiltrated by my Christmas radio station. Thank goodness Julie is one of the cool kids and likes Christmas music! 😀

She had an errand to run before we could finish but these are all that’s left to weave in now! It was a lot of fun– more fun than I’ve ever had hiding ends in my whole life. Plus I really like sewing in ends when it’s not my shitty project that I’ve been staring at nonstop. It helps break up things and gets me enthusiastic about projects that I should be working on or want to work on.

I mean, look at how beautiful her sweater is. I can’t wait to see her wearing the finished deal:

She knows it too, look at that protective Mama Bear pet she’s doing.

What project have you done that has had the most ends you’ve had to weave in? I’ve never done something as intense as this- have you?

7 thoughts on “OPP

  1. I don’t mind weaving in ends (althoug yes, having to trim all those ends after a wash is going to sa-uck). What I so, so, sooo desperately hate is sewing together a project of many, many, many knitted pieces … which makes me wonder why are those the projects I’m most attracted to? I currently have three needed to be pieced and am knitting one is little tiny diamonds. Why do I hate myself?! Can’t wait to see that sweater in real life … it looks incredible!

  2. you are a good friend. oh how i wish i could trick someone into helping with the finishing on my sweater.

    love the 2012 edition! 🙂

    1. I wish we lived closer together because you’re a fun friend and I would totally help you finish all your sweaters. 😀

  3. I have a vague goal while knitting my sock yarn blanket that I’ll stop every few rows and weave in all the ends before adding more squares. It’s sort of going alright so far, but I strongly suspect I’ll get to the end of the blanket and still have, like, a hundred ends to deal with.

    That sweater looks like it’s worth all the ends, though.

    1. Oof, a sock yarn blanket. That sounds in-tense. It’s funny how we always start out with these goals of weaving in everything at the time but then it’s like, no way man, I’m on a roll, nothing can stop me now. Then it’s like, oh wait, I was supposed to weave in those ends, crap.

      But that’s just me, so I’m sure you’ll stay on top of those ends. Good luck with your blanket! 😀

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