Baby wookiee

Well there have been all kinds of present giving and getting events around these parts since I last updated. I’m just super excited that nerdy people that I know and love are bumping together and producing babies. Because that means that I get to make them toys. Which means– nerdy toys for the whole family! So I made a generic wookiee for Brian and Jen’s future bebe Penny.

He just wants to be friends with those helicopters!

Actually, I started out thinking I’d make Chewbacca. But I had those clear eyes that you can make any color and for some reason I thought he looked more like a green eyed than a blue eyed dude, so he can be Lowbacca… or not. Since I just looked it up and Lowbacca has ‘ginger’ eyes. Whatever. He’s a wookiee. Just a regular wookiee who wants some love. Why do the tiny people attack him so much when he just want to love them?? 😦

Here’s Jen at her baby shower opening him up. He seems happy to be out of that box. She had a pretty kickass baby shower too. It seemed like she knew a lot of women experienced in baby rearing that they all gave her really helpful gifts. Except for me, I gave her a wookiee.

In other news, I got pretty much everything my heart desired for my birthday. I got a kickass wolf shirt, an ice cream cake and I went to the midnight release of the Hunger Games with some pretty stellar ladies.

All kinds of neat things happened on/around my birthday. I’m super lucky to have wonderful people in my life. That means you too, dear reader. 😀

As is evidenced by the wookiee up top, I have been working on some fibery things. Even though that was crocheted, I’ve been working on some socks because it’ll be my husbands birthday soon and all he seems to ever want is socks. We’re pretty different in that respect. It’s like, what do you want for your birthday Lindsey? A WOLF SHIRT! ICE CREAM CAKE!

What do you want John? Socks.

Plus I’ve had this yarn in my stash that I bought forever ago, like back when I first started knitting that I had gotten and planned to make him socks out of. So, everyone wins. Kind of. You’ll see. Maybe, if I ever finish them. Even though I’m still working down yarn that I already have, that didn’t stop me from going to the Yarnmarket with Ro. Where she was just as WTF about the Vicuna yarn as I was a few years ago.

Yes, $300 for a tiny ball of yarn. I feel like Cruella DeVille should check into that.

I’ve also been into digital drawing lately. I did these drawings of the main characters from Making Fiends, which is a show that I used to be really into. This all happened because of Draw Something, which I talked about on my podcast that you should totally be listening to!!! Double Jump Spirit. If you want to play me in Draw Something, go to town, I’m apocaknits. I only play every couple of days now so I don’t keep getting super burnt out on it. Here is my favorite drawing that I’ve done so far for it:

…and here is John and his dad being adorable!

Until next time!

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