Last year my internet buddy longklaw, or Will if you’re being formal, was getting ready to go to the San Diego Comic Con and I was jealous. I kept sending him tweets about the stuff I would check out and luckily he’s a nice enough person to not tell me to shut the hell up.

Then I got this kickass package in the mail!

Not pictured is a mockingjay pin that got wedged at the bottom of the tube he shipped the poster in. Anyways- pretty amazing of him, right?

Then I felt guilty because that was way above and beyond being a cool dude. So I started watching his tweets. I knew that he was a HUGE Game of Thrones fan. Originally I was thinking of making him something themed around House Stark because he seemed to like them but upon further annoying prodding, I found out that he wanted more House Lannister stuff.

Again, I creepily waited in the shadows, biding my time to see if he would decide on an iPad or a kindle. Maybe you’re getting creeped out at this point by my thought process and I don’t blame you but there was reasoning behind my madness. I wanted him to pick an iPad because if he had, I would have been able to pick a much bigger yarn and used bigger needles. Honestly, I even tried to sway him toward an iPad just because I’m that freaking lazy. (Plus, iPads are cool.)

Nope, he picked Kindle. Good for him with that sweet reading habit.

The Lannister’s sigil is a gold lion on a maroon background and their house words are “Hear Me Roar!” However, most of the people in Westeros mistake their unofficial words for their house words, which are: A Lannister Always Pays His Debts.

I think that’s a pretty badass promise/threat. So yeah, I ended up making this out of sock yarn on size 0 double points. I found an English lion chart and then improvised the back. It had snap clasps inside, which I had never done before so I’d say those are the weakest links of the whole project. Hopefully it will cover/protect something, because it did block out a little big to just fit a Kindle. It was like night and day between how it looked before and how it looked after blocking. Since I took pictures, you can see what I’m talking about:

Before. All roly poly.

During. Half way through I decided I wanted to steam block it. So I threw it under a towel to dry and then used the iron. My cat, Sax, wanted to make sure it stayed really warm and secure.

So there you have it. A Game of Thrones kindle case and all the creepy steps it took to get me there. Have you guys read the books? I got part way through the second one, I need to get back into them. I need to finish a book period. I’ve been too scatterbrained lately. Let me know what you think! Because I’m like, I think most people will see this and think GRYFFINDOR WINS!

9 thoughts on “Payback

  1. I love it! I love it! I love it! Thanks again!

    The bad thing is that I may be getting an iPad soon, but not to read with. I’m an indecisive gadget lover. And Winter is Coming (just throwing this in for no reason at all).

    1. Haha- I saw that you were considering an iPad but if I had waited then I never would have made you anything and just been a jerk.

    2. Also- YAY! I’m glad you liked it. The whole time I was like, I really hope he likes this thing. Because colorwork is hard for me to wrap my head around sometimes.

  2. Woah, that’s kick ass! I don’t watch the show but even not knowing the reference, a medieval lion logo sack for a Kindle is a killer idea.

    Knitting is still a huge mystery to me and I’m okay with that. I can’t say I didn’t try though.

    1. Half the time it’s a mystery to me. You just have to pretend like you know what you’re doing.

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