I’ve hit my ‘getting to the end of February’ block. You know, that- I hate February but what I really hate is March type mentality? Honestly I’ve just been stalled.

So you know how I keep bringing up last years failed sock plan? Well what I didn’t tell you is that at one point, right after my Granma left, she had inspired me to get back into the sock/crafting/general life habit and I totally did knit a pair of socks!

Which I didn’t post. Why? Why didn’t I post these socks? As you can see, they’re quite nice and this is after I’ve been wearing them nonstop. (Even though it’s a mild and super nice! winter, my feet get cold easily so I’m in love with these.)

(Uhh, I’m going to say that it’s because I’m wearing two pairs of socks here and that is the reason why I look like I have serious cankles.)

Usually when I post pictures of my socks it’s right after they’re off the needles and I’m trying to take pictures right away before they get floppy or weird. So you see them in their infant stages. That’s something I feel like most knitting bloggers do. You get the fresh faced and beautiful pics of socks that haven’t been tarnished by the cold unfeeling world of misery, etc., etc.- you know, cheery uplifting stuff.

But this is the real life of a sock. These socks have seen things. They’ve… done things, things they’d rather not talk about. They’re real and hardened.

Still, I think they look pretty good. Even with the random fuzz and things that inevitably happen because I don’t take care of things and my Dad’s like, if you don’t get your oil changed at precisely the right time you might as well just throw your car up on cinder blocks in the front yard, you hear me Linds?!

Yeah Dad, we all hear you on that one.

So those were my last-ditch-attempt-at-glory socks from last year. I have had them done for like, four months? Anyways, the pattern is Charade and I can’t recommend them enough. The yarn is perfect too. It’s the koigu that I got when we went to Seattle. You can get koigu close to you but I just like looking at yarn and being like, aw, I got that on that one trip. It’s transcontinental yarn. How sweet.

Speaking of seeing socks after time and the cold unfeeling world has had its’ way with them. I want to show you something that really gets me mad. Well, mad in the puff out my cheeks and say “goll darn it” sort of way.

Does anyone know what the crap is going on here? Has anyone had these loops happen? I’ve washed these socks twice! The first time I saw one loop but was like… oh, well maybe washing them again will get it to even out and pull back in. (Don’t question my logic. Just go with me here.) So, of course, that happened.

I was so irritated. I mean, that’s not some cheap crappy yarn. That’s Lorna’s and I love that pattern! But I’m afraid to wear these again because there’s no good place it can go from here. Unless you’re going to tell me to hand was them. But even then, hand washing them won’t get those loops to magically… unloop(?) will it?


I guess I just didn’t want to admit to the internet that I have knitting problems that have been getting me down. But now I’m on a roll so, here’s the real problem. I’ve been working on and off on this sock yarn sweater, right? And I was making really good progess, like just a few inches from separating off for the arms type progress when I pulled it out of my bag while out with some friends and noticed:

Ahhhhh- what the fuck is that? Where did that giant hole come from? So I started looking at the whole sweater and noticed a bunch of loops from where it had been pulled apart. I’m blaming a certain cat who has her claws at this point.

But… I couldn’t blame my cat for the partially melted tiny chocolate bar that I found in it. I blame Halloween for that one.

Ugh, that hole. But isn’t the yarn so beautiful? Also, aren’t the random cat hairs on it even more beautiful? This is a lot of ammunition for judgement. I accept that.

2 thoughts on “Stalled

  1. I think those loops are just a part of knitted fabric, I have store-bought sweaters that do the same thing … you just got to pull them back through an go on with life. The same with the hole, graft that shit and call it done! And you gave me hope that my most recently knitting socks will stretch out, they’re quite snug but on the other hand fantastic tourniquets if I ever have a massive foot injury. Aaaah, don’t you love knitting?

    1. It’s not just a hole though- the yarn is severed. So it has too much potential to be super jacked in the future. I’m pretty sure I have to repair it.

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