Projects! Updates! Y’know… things

What’s up, Apocaknits Nation? (Are we a nation yet? When are people allowed to claim they have a nation?)

I wanted to tell you what’s going up with my wacky sidebar since I’ve been moving stuff around and cleaning stuff up. When I say sidebar, I generally mean what’s going on over there.                     ————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>

First off, I’m now a Woot! affiliate. That means: if you click the little thing that says shirt.woot! over there, I get half a penny or something. Now, if you go to shirt.woot! from my link and actually buy something, then I might be able to buy a knitting needle.

So, click that ^ and check it out. I might not have even hooked up all the tubes properly. I made sure to put a link in here in case you’re reading in your reader and not on my website. Which- good for you. I had a reader once and once it did that [[you have 1,000+ unread items]] thing I just sort of abandoned it.

Speaking of reading, I need some books to read. I’m almost done with:

It’s pretty funny. If I liked/watched The Office I’m sure it would be a lot funnier.

So let me know if you’ve read anything really good lately! Preferably fluffy or thrillingly intellectual books (is that a genre?) I’m not ready to tackle anything over say, 300 pages. George R.R. Martin did that to me.

Another thing on the sidebar, is Double Jump Spirit! Sparkles! Glitter!

It’s a podcast that you should be listening to. This whole thing was born in the super feisty head of Jared. Someone asked me to describe it to them and I was kind of at a loss. But I’ll try to describe it to you right now.

Jared talks about adult things. Like power lines and overcoming illnesses. I spin around in John’s office chair and talk about Titanic and Breaking Dawn. Every so often he’s successful in reigning me in so we can move forward and talk about what you, the concerned listener has come to hear about: folding sheets and optometrists offices. BUT IT’S A LOT BETTER THAN ANY OF THAT.

Seriously. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did. Or you’ll absolutely hate it. If that’s the case- call in and tell us what assholes we are! 😀

Okay, I’m almost done boring you. But another project I’ve been working on is another Project365. Hopefully to be better than the first Project365 I did before. Because it’s all pictures of our cat Schmoo.

Last night, I was tired and about to go to bed and I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of Schmoo for the day. So I bent down and was like “Hey. Schmoo. Do something cool really quick so I can go to bed.” She then stuck out her tongue just a little.

Sometimes she does that kind of thing and I think “holy shit, this cat is the smartest cat ever.” Then she poops on the floor or runs into a wall and I’m like, hmmmm.

[This post was written to get the excessive amount of exclamation points out of my system. I’m sorry if it has offended your good sense of writing or eyesight.]

[[P.S. I also got rid of a bunch of links to blogs that were inactive. If  you would like me to link your blog/website in my “Cool Links” section, post a comment letting me know. I’m not trying to snub anyone, I probably just missed you.]]

7 thoughts on “Projects! Updates! Y’know… things

  1. Power lines, and overcoming illnesses.
    Jared Cherup
    Legitimate Adult

    P.S. That’s the biggest I’ve seen our logo anywhere… and it made me giddy with its majesty.

    P.P.S Thanks for the linkage. I should probably do my part and post something.

    1. Yeah dude, I felt obligated to link you since we’re in this Internet game together but you need to post something or you’re getting the boot!

      1. I’ve been linking to you for like ever. But it’s not a contest. I mean not a big one. Also… yes I need to post or I’m getting the boot off your requirements for friendship. Apparently I also need to take a bullet for you.

  2. I don’t know about fluffy or intellectual, but I’m really into The Help right now. That might partially be because it’s set in my hometown.

    1. I loved that book! That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for- a book that grabs you and that you can’t put down.

      I didn’t know your hometown was Jackson.
      Have you seen the movie?

      1. Yes, I grew up in Jackson! I recognize some of the streets and neighborhoods they’re talking about.

        No, I haven’t seen the movie. I’m waiting until after I read the book.

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