Fun hunt

So yeah, just like everyone else and their mother I’m totally into Groupon and Living Social. I usually check them every day. (Well, I also try to check Woot and Teefury too.) The only thing is that while I think some of the stuff is cool, it takes a lot to get me interested enough to buy something. What I like about Groupon though is when they have deals on local events.

That’s how I roped loved ones into a scavenger hunt. I said 1) It’s a fucking scavenger hunt and 2) what a deal, right guys?!

I think everyone had fun. It turned out to be a beautiful day for it despite predictions of rain. We ended up running around downtown for two hours trying to solve some (wacktastically hard in some instances) clues. Plus I saw and learned some things about the city that I had never seen or known before. That’s always a plus in my book!

For instance:

Did you know that Columbus is home to the World’s Largest Gavel…? Yeah, that’s one up on Dubai.

It was sweet and I’d definitely do another one. If you’re interested in seeing all the pictures and even reading the clues that we got, I posted them on my flickr. The clues are under the photos. Although one of the photos (of us solving a clue) got accidentally deleted… probably at the point that I lost my phone. That was scary.

In knitting news, I did go to a Wool Gathering again this year with my friend Molly.

Earlier this year I actually started working on a shawl with yarn that I had gotten from a previous Wool Gathering… only to find out that I didn’t have enough yarn. I ended up getting more yarn to complete that project at this years’ but to be honest, I’m worried about it. Maybe I just need a ten man hype crew to tell me it’s going to be okay and not clash and be hideous and then everyone will be mad at me and I’ll start crying in front of the whole school. Or something.

Plus, yeah, it totally doesn’t count as buying yarn when I need it to complete a project and get rid of yarn from before right? Please maybe?

Oh! Buttons!

Not to sound like a total punkass or anything but I am seriously loving life right now guys. I hope things are going well for you out there in Cyberland.

2 thoughts on “Fun hunt

  1. Yay! I swear the alpaca was not as upset as he looks to be petted. And I came home with neither a spinning wheel or a bunny … which I suppose was the responsible thing to do. However boring.

    1. I think I need to make a commitment for next year to be my last year going and I WILL leave with a bunny. That would be the best way to really end something.

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