What I Did On My Summer Vacation

You may have noticed that I went missing for quite a few weeks. Things got busy here with the new house. But also, things went crazy with the new house and a visit from Granma. You remember Granma, right? Because I’m pretty sure she will adopt all of you.

This was my favorite picture from the whole thing. She hadn’t met my little step-niece before, my Dad always calls her Little Girl. I also didn’t realize until this picture that my father is a fan of tiny children.

Before she even got here though, Granma had a game plan. She sent a box ahead full of projects that she was stalled on and that she wanted finished. Plus she started a project on the plane that she was quickly making progress on. Well, until I hijacked that train of thought.

In that box there was:

A bag that was missing the handles. Although she had even gone ahead and threaded the buttons. She also told me that all of that yarn was the same dye lot. Color me confused. (ba dum tsh)

This shrug that needed some ends woven in and buttons attached to it. She didn’t plan on it but it really fits her perfectly. She has lost so much weight and seemed to be in really good spirits, which was comforting. Now she’s got a new shrug to go out on the town in.

This blanket! I’ve been constantly harassing her about this blanket because I love it so much. The yarn is super soft and I like the colors. It’s one of those Mary Maxim kits that she’s fond of. But the stitches were starting to fall off the needles so I showed her that two circular needles at one time technique. It’s not every day I get to teach her something, so I felt pretty special.

This was my favorite of the bunch. A crocheted Victorian bride doll. I put the hair on her while watching Downton Abbey. When I was done with her, I’ll admit I had gotten kind of attached. (Even if I am a grown ass woman and it’s a doll.) Luckily, when Granma came she told me that she had made the doll for me and was glad I had liberated her from her box. I figure, hey, I live in a Victorian, she’s a Victorian doll- kismet.

Then Granma went through my shame pile and got all of my projects sorted out.

She poked, prodded and cajoled. She said, “Oh Lindsey, finish these mittens. They’ll be quick and easy and everyone loves a good mitten.” Okay.

I’m so glad she visited and got me back on track with some things. Not only did we knock out some projects and get things organized but we also made a hot dish every night of the week.

So yeah, that’s partly what I’ve been up to. I also just did a quick stash killing project the other day for my cousin.

A mitered Kindle cover. You know why I chose it right? Because there was a button involved. Plus it helped me get rid of some stash and I’m all about that this year. Finishing projects and getting rid of yarn. Actually, I have a good idea for getting rid of some yarn and I really need to follow through on these ideas lately. Stop getting so sidetracked.

Plus our brief encounter with colder weather is making me so excited for knitting! Well for project doing in general. The other day I actually completed two sewing projects– and I’m not a fan of sewing. So something is in the air.

And on the home front? We had a window special built for an odd shaped window in our bedroom. This had always been a random dream/fantasy I had growing up and I never expected it to come true but maybe this is the house where dreams happen. (barf? But kind of cute, right?)

5 thoughts on “What I Did On My Summer Vacation

  1. #1–Your Granny is super cute!!
    #2–That doll is AMAZING!!! I don’t blame you for wanting it. I, too, am a grown-ass woman (maybe too much ass, but that’s another rant), but I still love cute things. I think it’s the umbrella that I love the most.

    1. My Granma totally rocks!
      That doll is pretty spectacular. I like the umbrella too, it’s a nice touch. But the actual doll is nice, it had a good feel to it. Like you’d want to carry it around. She said she’d send me more to finish. Apparently her dentist has patterns for the rest in the series and one involves a woman walking a crocheted dog.

  2. The doll was so beautiful! Very intricate. Your granma looks super cute and just awesomely grandmotherly. You are lucky to have her!

    Oh- I NEED to see that awesome window in person.

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