Quick trip: Pittsburgh

My friend Megan moved out of town to Pittsburgh recently. 😦

Luckily for me though, I got to help her, which meant I went on a day trip to Pittsburgh- a place I’d never been to before.

She laughed at me because I was taking all of these stupid pictures of bridges on the way there. I think they look super cool. She was like, they are but it’s nothing compared to Pittsburgh. Since it’s the steel city, they have a ton of bridges.

I liked this one the most of the ones that I got to see:

There were like horses and a globe up there. Pretty fancy.

It was so funny because I went there to help her move some stuff but she’s such a nice person that she didn’t want to ask me to do anything. It was both really sweet and frustrating. The sooner we put together this bookshelf- the sooner we can party and hang things on the wall, you know?

Their place was super cute. Plus Pittsburgh, from my limited day trip assessment, seems like a cool place to live. I definitely want to go back and check it out. We went to this fun place while we were there called the Franktuary:

A hot dog place that’s actually located in a Cathedral. Everything about that description made me excited.

Since we were road trippin’, that meant we got to go to Denny’s. (Columbus doesn’t have one.) Where else can I get a milkshake to go with my 10 pound omelette?

So yeah, Pittsburgh seems pretty cool. I told her that I wanted to visit her- does anyone have suggestions for fun things to do in Pittsburgh? Let me know!

5 thoughts on “Quick trip: Pittsburgh

    1. Thanks for the heads up! We got lost at one point and saw this lift elevator that looked kind of cool and ended up on a winding road that had no places to turn around on. At first it was disconcerting but the views were spectacular!

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