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Saturday afternoon project

When we first took possession of the house there were a few things that needed to be taken care of ASAP. Like the vines that were growing on the house and getting stronger every day. However, there were some things that while they weren’t necessary, I wanted to do them before we put our stuff away. Then we’d be moving all of our stuff and trying to fix something later that we could have just done from the get go.

That’s the laundry hole. I looked at that area and was like… ugh. This does not inspire me to do laundry. But I didn’t have a plan so I didn’t say anything about it.

Luckily, my dad took one look at all the miscellaneous boards and props the old owner had used for her washer and dryer and was like, “Oh Linds, we can do so much better.”

Yay Team Dad! His initial idea was to just make a frame and put some plywood on top of it. But then when we went to the hardware store John was like, let’s make a deck so that it’ll look nicer than some plywood on the top there. Not one to argue with nicer I said, sure thing.

Dad brought over the chop saw and we got to work. Which I couldn’t take any pictures of myself helping but imagine me getting in the way as much as possible. Also, picture me getting a metal splinter from the screws because I’m terrible at using a drill.

We framed it out. Then laid two boards on the top to know what depth to put the braces. We secured the back of the frame to the wall with tapcons but they were too short on the ends since the wall isn’t perfectly flat. In fact, the wall is wonky and the floor had a huge bump running along the back wall. So a deck was pretty necessary.

Once we had the braces all in place, we took the boards off and relaid them, screwed them into place and were good to go.

Well, Dad did put a bunch of little legs on the braces to make super sure everything was secure. Then he nailed the wires that were hanging low up so I wouldn’t get decapitated by them. Such a sweet gesture. 🙂

When we went to get the longer tapcons we also looked at getting a new light since the bulb was basically in both of our faces the whole time we were making the laundry deck. I ended up getting a halogen light fixture that can hang up between the rafters. It’s great since now both of the corners are illuminated and less spooky looking.


We took all of the legs down on the washer and dryer and put them up on the deck. They were both level right away, we didn’t have to do any sort of adjusting to get them to sit flat. Which I was super impressed by. I’ve never had that, even in our old apartment in Dublin.

This was where we finished on Saturday. It already looks different but I just wanted to show you what we got done in a day. Yesterday my dad brought over a light cap and we took the light bulb out, so it’s no longer hanging there getting in peoples faces. Plus it turned the bulb into an outlet, giving us one more outlet in the basement which is always nice. I vacuumed up all the crap that was on the ground and put my clothes rack in the corner to hang stuff up on. But yeah, you get the general idea. We saw a few boards and miscellaneous debris hanging out on the ground and made it into a super fly laundry deck area that I’m actually happy about doing laundry at.

Here are a few Dad stories: he said that I needed to place an ad for a midget DJ for my laundry disco. He also called every support board that he had to toenail into place a piece of shit. So it’s pretty safe to say that I love doing projects with him.

Feedback is appreciated!

7 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon project

  1. oh my gosh … looking at that scary basement makes me wonder if I can ever be a homeowner! you all did a great job! how big is that step up/down? I’d be the one to forget about it, turn wround with an arm full of clothes and thwack! thank goodness there’s be discoing midgets to help me back up.

    1. ha- you’re hilarious! Our basement is actually not that spooky compared to all of the basements we’d seen in our various house hunts- it was by far the nicest. 🙂 Although the corners are a little too dark for my liking. But yeah, when I was building it I fell off a couple of times. Luckily the washer and dryer are back far enough that I haven’t fallen off while doing laundry. *knock on wood*

    1. Thanks! I’m super proud of it for sure. I need you to come to our house though and pick out some colors. Our place would be super fly in no time with you doing the hard art decisions.

  2. We are also in the process of buying a home. I will enjoy seeing all of your before and after shots. Can’t wait until our deal is closed so that we can also start our “before and afters.”

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