Struggles and Triumphs

It’s funny really. Actually, I seem to saying that quite a bit lately even though funny isn’t how people describe these scenarios. Pretty much everything is funny to me lately. However, the current thing that I’m laughing about are the socks that I did in March.

Possibly the most knit socks to ever exist. Cookie A.’s Monkey socks. Using the Knit Picks Stroll in canopy tonal that I had in my stash. I was so excited to use this yarn but I don’t use much multicolored yarn that often. Or at all really. I’ve seen it go bad for a lot of people with a weird pattern or weird striping and I can’t stand pooling, so I tend to stick to solids or semi-solids. Still I loved the green of this yarn, so I threw my cares to the wind and went with it.

Well, I posted earlier this month, I had to frog my first attempt right before the heel because they were just way too big. I ended up going down to a size zero and now I’m feeling really good about these socks.

They ended up striping up really nicely! Originally they were pooling in kind of weird ways. So I guess from now on, when that happens I should take it as a sign that I’m doing something wrong.

Despite having to rip out and getting really frustrated (0’s are really small, okay?!) these were the quickest socks I’ve knit up so far. Maybe it was the yarn, or the pattern or my sheer determination to dominate these socks but I finished them with a week and a half to spare in the month.

Although I had kind of a scary thought. Since I’ve been wearing my knit socks, I’ve noticed that they really start to get baggy after some time wearing them. About an hour or so into wearing my socks they start to slouch off my feet. (Does anyone else have this problem?) These socks were a little snug but I’m hoping they’ll actually stay up/on. Otherwise, I realized, maybe I don’t really even like knit socks. (*gasp* *shock* *thud*)

8 thoughts on “Struggles and Triumphs

  1. A week and a half? You dominated!
    If I ever finish another pair of socks, I’ll let you know if they slouch. I’ve pretty much decided much of my sock yarn stash is going to be knit as scarves or hats or mittens.

  2. My Monkeys were baggy too. I’m just too lazy to rip them out. They still wear ok. Maybe I should try a smaller needle size next time.

    1. These were the least baggy out of all of my socks though. That’s why I’m wondering if either I’m doing something wrong or knit socks are just… baggy.

  3. They look great! I have the baggy problem with my stroll socks too. 😦

    My favorite knit socks to wear are knit in risata (KP cotton/elastic). I didn’t like knitting with it (since it has elastic the tension gets weird and it’s not as soft as wool) all that much, but I wear the socks all the time. Elann makes a cotton/elastic too, as does Cascade (called fixation). I think the elastic really helps keep the sock snug.

    1. Thanks! That’s interesting about the elastic working so well. I had some fixation at one point but didn’t like the texture of it either… possibly because of the elastic. Thanks for the comment!

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