Craft exploits

So I’m always looking for new fun things to do in the world of crafts. When I got a newsletter from one of my favorite stores here in Columbus, Wholly Craft, saying they were going to have a beginning origami class, I was like hell. yes.

Uh, yeah, so I took that class (with a friend). I made some origami stuff and then asked if I could take a picture of everyone because I’m creepy and like to take pictures of everything. The teacher was like, oh no, are you one of those bloggers? I didn’t realize bloggers were such feared creatures but yes. Yes I am and I will eat your children.

For some reason I find this hilarious.

We made some paper cranes, a box, a balloon and some random notes. There was an obvious winner from this class for me and that was the shiny paper crane necklace that we made. Because it is the most perplexing bling I think anyone could ever have and I love its little face off.

Some other things that I’ve done lately are that I taught a former co-worker how to knit. She paid me in baked goods.

At least, I tried to teach her when Shmoo wasn’t getting in the way trying to be all cute like she does with strangers. Here’s a story about Shmoo. She does not care what’s going on until at least two people are involved. Then she’s like, oh, there’s a party?? I’m invited, right?

She did eventually leave us be and as you can see, my student got a real pro-stance. I don’t even hold the yarn that professionally. I’m more slobbish when I knit, just sort of throwing it around, hoping for the best. But this girl was an overachiever. Her goal was to learn how to knit cables, even though she didn’t know how to knit because she was tired of trying cables in crochet. (Can’t blame her there- I didn’t even know you could cable in crochet, it seems so… wrong.)

Well, she got what she wanted! This is her finished project and there are the cables that she knit. I was really impressed.

I’m hoping to have some finished stuff to show you soon but things might get a little hectic… since my birthday is coming up!

Oh yeah and I also got a new banner for my blog here- what do you think? Crystal is so incredibly talented you should commission her to make yarn-y designs. I think she draws yarn perfectly. Also, don’t forget, you can still ask me anything you want to here.

What do you think- did I throw enough links at you?

11 thoughts on “Craft exploits

  1. love love love the new banner! also, those cables look better than any cables I’ve ever knitted ever. yay for new knitters!

  2. I noticed your new banner right away–amazing!! “You aren’t one of those bloggers” How funny! It could have been worse: she could have called you scrap-booker.

  3. not sure how i came across your blog… one of those internet time-warps i guess. 🙂 anyway, LOVE the necklace.

  4. Your student IS an overachiever! And I like the new banner. When I used to do origami, the balloon was always my favorite, because you can actually inflate it! I wonder if I still know how to do that….

  5. LOL @ the crane necklace! I do have to say that I think it’s SO impressive that your friend knit up that cable swatch on her first try. Dude, that’s insane!

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