Cold hard facts

When I started out this month I asked John if I should make some fingerless gloves instead of a pair of socks. He said that I should make the gloves because I’ve made so many socks already. At first I was like, totally, right on. Then I sat down and faced the cold hard facts:

No, I haven’t.

If you count last month’s, I have knit seven pairs of socks. Two were gifts. One for my mom and one for my Granma. Out of the five that I have kept for myself,

four of them are blue. The one that is not blue has blue in it. I think the only reason I was second guessing myself on this month is because the yarn I picked is definitely not blue.

This yarn makes me think of butterscotch, which, due to sentimental reasons, will always be one of my favorite flavors out there.

The pattern is Fox Faces by Nancy Bush and man, have I bitched about this pattern. Sorry people at knitting. Well, sorry everyone lately. I bet my bitching has been unbearable.

Despite my general pissy mood and some weird random crap that has happened lately, I’m really proud that I managed to finish another pair of socks. I always start out with these big ideas for the year and once I have achieved one milestone, I tend to fall apart. Hopefully I won’t do that this coming month, although I can already feel excuses gestating inside of me. Waiting to burst forth, kind of like

*cough* So anyways, yaaaay! Socks! Also, yay for not blue. How many more pairs of not blue socks do I need to make before people will stop making fun of me only making blue stuff? I hope it’s not many because most of the stuff in my stash is blue.

Give ’em the boot, right in the fruit.


7 thoughts on “Cold hard facts

  1. I would never make fun of anyone making blue things! The butterscotch socks look great. You are ahead of me in the sock numbers game.

    I was sorry to miss you guys yesterday – and you even got to knit outside! That’s the way to stick it to February 🙂

  2. Hey man, 7 pair of socks IS an accomplishment… and hey, you’ve gifted them too, which means you are WAY nicer than me. All my socks to this point have been for MEMEMEMEMEE! And they will continue to be until, I no longer feel selfish… which has pretty much been my whole life, so whatev. Anyway… if you want to make 100 pair of blue socks, I will not judge because so far the majority of my socks are green or have green in them. knit on woman!

    1. Awesome! As I was writing this I was like, you know what? I don’t have any plans for giving away socks this year- ha! Suck it friends/family.

  3. The socks are gorgeous. It’s always nice to change it up every now and then. I should try knitting some solid colored socks for once…something by Cookie A., probably.

  4. Love that you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and NOT going with blue! 😉

    Plus, those butterscotch socks are just yummy. Well done, you!

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