Valentine’s Day

Or How I Learned That February Is The Absolute Worst.

It’s not like I’ve given up on blogging already. I haven’t. I’ve just given up on everything lately. (Especially brushing my hair.) You know how people start out and say stuff like “this year kicks ass!” Well I figured out whose ass it’s kicking. This year, it’s kicking mine.

I won’t show you an actual picture of my ass but it’s pretty bruised.

I honest-to-God fell down some stairs. It wasn’t even icy- these stairs were inside my house. Then I fell down again a week later. It was at that point that I started wondering… what is the deal here? I’m pretty clumsy but this is a little disastrous. Now I’ve gone and cut my finger and I’m like, okay- something is UP. It’s not a bad cut it’s just right on the tip of my finger, so every time I want to type or knit or do something it’s there reminding me that this year is maybe not the year of the Lindsey.

I went ahead and made a bouquet for myself to cheer up. Also, because it’s Valentine’s Day. ❤ I looked back through my blog archives to see what I’ve posted about it before and sure enough it’s mostly a lot of grump and gripe about February. If I were going to have a nemesis, it would probably be this month. We’ve never gotten along and this year it seems like it’s really brought its game face and is now outright attacking me. Well, my weapon of choice is flowers.

I made this one up for my mom. She has been in a bad mood lately because her oven started leaking CO2. It sucked that she had to get rid of her oven in the middle of the winter but it’s also pretty lame because they have apparently discontinued the tile that she put in her kitchen a few years ago. So she was in a grouchy mood when I took this picture of us and swore she wasn’t going to smile:

Yeah, that doesn’t look like a smile at all to me.

So yeah, I didn’t post anything because I didn’t have anything nice to say. I figured I’d spare you the same old wah wah winter is lame crap that I’m usually up to. Instead, here’s a stupid video I made of my cat:

I probably even need to make up for that. Ugh, I’m sorry. Maybe in the Spring I’ll come back as a beautiful butterfly or something. 😀



7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. I’ve always thought the only good thing about Valentine’s Day was that February was half-way over. That and half-off chocolate the next day.

    1. Thanks Betty! This is going to sound even more messed up but the bruises were making it hard for me to sleep. I can’t sleep on my stomach. 😦
      I will be so glad to say good riddance to February. If it lets me out of it.

  2. At least you have evidence, so when you take February to court you’ll definitely win!

    The flowers are beautiful.

    I think the thing that made the cat video hilarious to me was the background music. Loved it!

  3. Dude! That sucks! This month is kicking my ass this year too. I’ve been dreadfully sick, had to deal with my ex-husband, had to take some time off school, and super worried about money. Anyways, *hugs* the upside is it’s the shortest month of the year!

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