Home again, home again

Jiggity jig

So, a little over a week ago I posted this tweet:

The weird thing to me though, was that nobody responded. Since I had a 13-14 hour car ride to mull this over, I came up with a few thoughts/questions.

1) Do I say random crap like this so often that people are just like, oh Lindsey’s being crazy again…?

2) Maybe people are like, yeah, quick jaunt to Minnesota (in January), no biggie. Or you could assume I was just going to hop on a plane and go, living the jet-setter life that I tend to lead.

Actually, I used to go to Minnesota every summer growing up and my parents would send me there on a plane. They used to pin a little tag on my shirt so that the flight attendants would pay extra attention to me. Have they stopped doing this? Because if I were going to steal kids, I would totally target the ones with that paper on their shirts.

It was pretty sweet actually, I got extra peanuts and they would always give me those pilot’s wings. I have a notebook covered in them.

Let’s be honest it’s probably:

3) One tweet in many, getting lost. Or, people just honestly don’t care what you’re up to on twitter unless it somehow connects to them. You know, like in life.

So, it led me to reconsider twitter and also, reconsider some friends and the kinds of relationships that we have with people. Look, I had A LOT of time in the car. I told my close friends what was going on before I left because we talk often enough that it would just come up. Plus a lot of them aren’t actually on twitter anyways. I’ve had a lot of fun on facebook lately playing frontierville but I’m sure that will pass pretty quickly too. The internet isn’t holding my attention like it used to but I still find myself sitting in front of it all of the time. Why?

Anyways, these are the things that are on my mind lately. I’ve got pictures and stories to show and tell you though, so stay tuned!

14 thoughts on “Home again, home again

  1. I mean, do people get mad when other people ask them questions about the things they post on the internet? That’s another question I had. Oh yeah, and is it socially acceptable to post a comment like this on your own blog?

  2. Had I seen the tweet, I would have commented. I don’t always go back and read older tweets when I log in, or maybe I didn’t go back far enough. I,too, wonder why some tweets or posts get a response and others don’t. But sometimes I won’t ask questions just because I am afraid of hearing “that’s none of your business.” (Which begs the question, then why did you post about it in the first place??) No real answers to your questions. Just my own musings.

    1. You’re a great commentor! (Commentator?)
      See, I was also wondering if people are just afraid to ask what’s up. Or irritated at having to ask.

  3. (Fair warning, this is a crazy long comment)

    In my experience with Twittering and Facebooking, it’s all about timing. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook 24/7…it goes in spurts, usually in the morning and at lunch during the week, then hardly at all on the weekends. If you want people to reply back and/or increase your chances of getting seen, you really need to pay attention to WHEN you post. For that single reason is why I schedule some of my Twitter updates and Facebook posts ahead of time. If there’s a link I want people to see, I’ll plan ahead and post it during common lunch time when many people are able to check their Twitter.

    But since walls and twitters and all the stuff people use to read updates is limited to only the X number of recent updates, the likelihood of people missing things is extremely high. So I’m not sure I’d write things off as “my friends don’t care about me”. Twitter is fleeting, that’s its purpose…so is Facebook to an extent.

    Honestly, if you want/expect feedback then a good old fashioned blog post never hurts. In fact, that’s why I’m commenting right now. I saw your post in my blog feeds. And I saw and enjoyed all your photos on Flickr too, but also because I saw them in my Flickr feed.

    Twitter is like talking into a crowded room where everyone is having their own conversations. Shy of close friends/family that hang on your every word anyway, unless you get RTed or pose some sort of question, I never expect a response. In fact, I’m tickled when anyone responds to anything, even if it is a question.

    But I’d have to say you’re also right about nobody caring unless it effects them. That’s just the state of things today, IMO. Like you said, your close friends/family knew about your trip outside of tweets and statuses. You have 151 followers on Twitter. How many of them a) do you interact with regularly, and b) does it matter to you that they know what you’re saying.

    And frankly, keeping up with friends online is exhausting. There are just too many avenues to cover in real-time…Twitter, Facebook, YT, Flickr, Tumblr, MySpace…whatever it is, you have friends there doing stuff all the time. I do Twitter when I’m doing things but I put much more time and thought into posting recaps in a blog post. Take all the thoughts and photos and videos from whatever it is I did and make a big deal out of it in a full-fledged written article. I think it makes it easier for people to digest and doesn’t require them to constantly keep me on their mind. Plus it lets me think about and filter the story itself. Do I want to post every photo from a trip? No…just the good ones, so that’s what I do.

    I think the internet and all these services pose a single question to each of us. Are we using them for our own purposes or for others?

    Is Flickr YOUR photo organizer or is it just a place to show off photos to everyone else? Is Twitter for YOUR thought dumps or for others to get involved with what you’re doing? I don’t use Flickr to organize all of my photos, just the ones I want people to see.

    The greatness in things like Twitter is ease and timeliness. But not everything works best in real-time. Disasters and emergencies…those benefit from real-time socializing. My last trip to the zoo…that can wait for a blog post. Plus, when you’re less worried about sharing in real-time you can enjoy your *real* time more. If you go into a trip or event with Twittering on your mind and worrying about whether people are going to see what you say, you’re probably missing what it is you’re actually there to do.

    Wow. Sorry about this comment. I probably should have made a blog post out of it myself!

    1. Hmmm… I understand some of this comment and was on board until the last part about missing what you’re actually doing in real life.

      I think we’re in a different arena in one sense: my twitter and pretty much all of my online stuff is just for general goofiness or pleasure. I’m not ever planning on going viral. I don’t think I’m going to make a million dollars off of one of my cat photos. (But secretly I hope I will.) So planning a tweet and releasing it at a time that will make the most impact doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Or for my purposes.

      What you’re saying also makes sense about the followers. Yeah, I have 150 followers but most of them want to sell me Propecia. What bothers me is the 10-15 people that I care about and want the opinions of who could honestly not be bothered to put me in a list and check out what I’m saying over the rest of the screaming masses.

      Also, you’re right, there are just too many places to look for messages from people. So I understand if one or two messages skip off the radar. I’ve missed a whole bunch of facebook messages from people because they either don’t show up in the notifications or so many people do things at once that I get slammed with notifications and miss a few. However, if someone leaves you a couple of chances to ask, hey, are you okay? And you’re like, ehhhh, maybe I don’t want to go out on a limb and check on them. Or maybe this isn’t my place, or maybe maybe maybe- whatever, it’s all silence.

      Lately it’s just felt to me like twitter is a bunch of people all in separate rooms screaming at each other. Then there are a couple of people who go around actually checking on the rooms and talking back. Twitter is only as fun as the people you’re collaborating with and lately I’m just not feeling the fun. I was sitting in a car for a long ass time, hoping to talk to people. I wasn’t sitting there trying to come up with the most clever way of trying to stimulate them into it.

      Not to sound like a super whiney jerk- I talked to plenty of people and they were really great and supportive and I love them that much more.

      I just don’t like twitter anymore and I think that’s more than fair at this point.

      1. It’s interesting picking apart Twitter b/c it makes you think about why you use it. Everything you just said made me think more about MY twitter use and yes, half the purpose is, in so many words, marketing. But in many ways, I’m just marketing to my friends.

        I think we talked about this on an old CAVEradio show, but I see Twitter is more interest-based and Facebook is emotional. Most of the people I “talk” with on Twitter are interested in the same things that I am. Most of my connections on Facebook are not. The people that “care” are on Facebook (where, frankly, I check in at maybe once a week). The people I can actually have an interesting conversation with are on Twitter.

        But I’m with you. Twitter has lost some of its luster. I will probably always treat my blog as primary and everything else as secondary, usually as a way to get people to my blog because that’s the stuff I want them to see, read and enjoy.

        Call me old fashioned.

  4. Yeah…I am on twitter somewhere, but I don’t even remember my password or anything. Twitter’s glamor wore off withing about a week for me. Facebook I use. Are we fb friends? I don’t think we are. Anyways, I’m glad you are back!! The idea of sending my kids on a plane by themselves would give me nightmares, we watch WAY too much Forensic Files for me to be trusting anymore.

  5. Twitter to me is like in the movies when people start hearing everyone’s thoughts, and at first it’s really cool, but then steadily they go insane. Yeah. I did see your tweet though and just assumed you were going to Minnesota … brb. I didn’t really think about it at a higher level, knowing that you have family there. Hope everything’s okay! Or if not it’s okay enough!

    I stepped away from internet relationships /connection through social media because I felt the same way you’re feeling now. The people I know and see in real life tend to know what’s actaully going on and people I know on the internet get to see some crap I found and LOLed at. I also am technologically dumb, so things like setting up twitter lists and really everything facebook scares me.

  6. I honestly am NOT a fan of Twitter. I guess I just don’t get why anyone would want to know what I’m doing at that moment… self centered much? That being said, I can understand not being happy that not one person commented on your post. It’s no fun if they aren’t at least curious… and in which case why are they following you anyway?

    And just as an aside it’s totally AWESOME that you used a picture from Fantastic Mr. Fox – I ❤ that movie!!!

  7. Funny… I like your tweets, they usually crack me up, as do your blog posts… however, admittedly, I’ve been off the twitter for some weeks. Just haven’t been checking it, not because I quit it. Just too lazy or tired I suppose. Anyway… you are crazy to go to MN in January, agreed. 🙂 Glad you are back.

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