Good ideas gone awry

I’ve been thinking about the direction that my internet-ing is going. Blogging and writing is something that I’ve done in one way or another for a long time. Before I blogged here about knitting and yarn I had journals and things on a bunch of different sites. Okay, it’s not so much ‘had’ on the internet since I’m sure they’re still out there somewhere in their same neglected state. I think it’s obvious to everyone but myself usually, to say that I am a person with good intentions and not a whole lot of follow through.

Last night I went out with some people I don’t get to see too often and took my camera. Which I left in my purse in my cars’ trunk.

I started this year thinking I’d knit a garment every season. I made the sweater in my last post, then I made this guy for summer:

People love Coachella but mine turned out super sucky. I ripped out the back because I could tell it wasn’t long/wide enough. I added extra rows to the point that I thought it was ridiculous but it was still wrong.

The back and underarms are way too tight while I’m swimming in the bust. This is usually the point where I wistfully think, see, another thing in my life that would be so much better if I had huge knockers. But screw that! I was talking to my friend who was describing what running was like with her huge boobs and I was like, you know what? I’m alright.

I forgot how an ‘enh’ or bad project can totally kill your drive. So again. Good intentions, bad executor. I did teach John’s brother Ryan how to knit:

Which John’s cat wants everyone to know that she totally helped.

Sometimes when I get all motivated to do something though, something gets in the way- through no fault of my own. It’s like, sorry teacher, I wanted to do all of these great amazing projects buuuttttt, I moved and they’re still packed away somewhere. As much as I’d like to just work on whatever, I should probably unpack essentials and figure out what to do about not having a bed. (Thankfully we solved that problem this past weekend. What happened was our queen sized bed wouldn’t fit up and around the stairs (or through the window or any other creative way the movers came up with) at this new place. So the solution we came up with is buying two full beds and making a gigantic super bed. Turned that negative into a positive right quick! Also, this was the first time we’ve bought a bed, so yay adulthood. Also, also: mine is the best.)

We put these super cheesy pictures on postcards with our new address on them. We both look like dorks but luckily we made the cats super pissed.

While this post hasn’t exactly helped me out on determining what direction my internet-ing is taking, I have decided that I love this blog still and I miss it a lot. I also miss knitting a lot so I should get back to that. This cooler weather is reminding me how much I love it. So, at least that’s out there. Plus once I get things sorted out at this new place… I’d give it another month, I’m back on the crafting train like there’s no tomorrow.

I miss the old place- a lot of really great stuff happened there. At this new place though, I have my own office/crafting room! So watch out world:

3 thoughts on “Good ideas gone awry

  1. I used to think things like that too about the knockers comment…then I remind myself I won’t have back problems and when I’m much older they’ll only be to my belly button instead of my knees đŸ™‚

    I love my blog too, and it’s way more neglected. I thought it had been about half a year…yeah, more like a year AND a half. Thanks for continuing!

    Wow, my comment was practically a blog entry. Lol!

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