Total Blue

I am so flipping excited folks! Maybe it’s because I actually finished something. FINISHED. Can you believe that noise? I honestly thought it would never happen again. I’ve become such a lamer, so finishing just didn’t look like it would ever happen again. Then it did, so I jumped the gun and here are some pictures. Even though it’s not blocked. I’m sorry! It’s called living in the moment. Haha!

I did the variation of Wendy Bernard’s Backward Cabled Pullover from Custom Knits. Obviously, I did it Frontward.

I am so pleased with how it came out, which is why I had to take pictures before it was even blocked. (I think it looks pretty good w/o being blocked but I’m still a rookie.) However this thing took me six months to do: SIX. Why?? I could have had it done in three to be honest. However it made me so incredibly blind with rage right out the gate. I love Wendy Bernard, don’t get me wrong, the woman is a genius and I will praise her genius. It reminded me of when I first got a Mac and I was like, why is this thing so %$#^ing stupid, I hate it. Well it wasn’t stupid, I was just overthinking everything I did. All I needed to do was push a button and it would have done it but I didn’t know that.

I had no idea how to start this stupid thing. I looked all over ravelry and even found someone who had made two of this same sweater. So I thought, yes! She must know! This woman has the secret and will help me. Boom, pleading and begging ravelry message sent out. Somehow through my tears of frustration I was coherent enough to ask someone, please, help me so I can stop crying and see through the tears to start this thing.

Of course, she never got back to me. Well dang.

We all know how this story ends… six months later.

It ends with me being a dork.

8 thoughts on “Total Blue

  1. So cute!!! Congrats on finishing something that involved! I get bored with scarfs 🙂 I’ve been working on one for almost a year!!

  2. Those are super cute pics of you in your amazing sweater! I have added your blog to my google reader. But I’m not stalking you, I swear…

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