Whatever I want ((unh!))

Hey peoples, are you still out there? Probably not at this point. (Because I suck.)

Well, it’s no surprise, I’ve always been terrible at blogging. Deadjournal, livejournal, that one terrible website before all of those other terrible websites… I told myself, this blog was different because those were ‘journals’ and this is a ‘blog’. Then I started to get bogged down by the blog. You know and the supposedly knitting theme that’s happening. I’ve been thinking off and on for a month, I really oughta update that blog thing, too bad I don’t have any knitting.

So instead of a triumphant return, I give you: a bunch of random stuff!

Since it’s Father’s Day, here’s a pic of my dad with my little niece Ava. Awwww. My dad is kind of a tough dude but he really softens up around the babies.

If you look at my flickr at all, you might have been like “WTF are all these pictures of some dude named Ryan?” Especially since they had no description/rhyme or reason. I took Ryan’s (John’s brother) senior pictures. This one cracked me up the most. Their mom loved it. I thought it was super shady and looked like he was waiting for his next victim. It’s all in how the glass is full I guess.

Here’s a picture of John doing his new hobby. Obviously it involves spray paint. It also involves being very nerdy. Can you guess what it is?

We had a water balloon fight today: this was my pet water balloon. Although I don’t know what happened to it. I love water fights (and straight up water), so I’m definitely up for it again! Especially since I hadn’t done anything like it since I was a little kid. I also learned a lot about water balloons. For instance, the ones from WalMart suck (shocker) but the ones from Target rock. The grenade and party balloons are cool looking but are hard to pop. Plus my hands aren’t tiny like kids, so I ended up using two large knitting needles to tie the balloons shut. So now that the knowing is out of the way, it’s time for more water ballooning! πŸ˜€

Okay, I was lying, here’s some fake knitting pictures.

Thanks to Julie I got to go to TNNA, where I met Jess from Ravelry. I also saw and was freaked out by giant crochet hooks and knitting needles:


Before TNNA, the ladies from Abstract Fiber came to my LYS and had a show. Since my yarn shop happens to be in a swankier (read: whiter) part of town, they had a ‘yarn tasting’. (As I’ve heard the fancier folks talk of wine tastings, I’m assuming this was similar.) So here’s my take out box of little yarn samples, that were gorgeous.

So, I guess I had some knitting themed related things to post about. Still no actual knitting. A slug would knit a sweater faster than me, I know it. It would be nice to apologize but I’ve been busy this summer doing things, which I will totally post about, if you don’t mind the less knitting related content. πŸ™‚

(Oh yeah, I also got to go into Ysolda’s photobooth and had my picture taken with her! Squeeeeeee!)

3 thoughts on “Whatever I want ((unh!))

  1. Dude, sorry I didn’t make it to the water fight! I ended up taking a short nap that turned into a long nap and when I woke up I was like… aww crap. Hope it was fun. See you Tuesday?

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