This was a triumph.

I’m making a note here.


What do you get the gamer guy in your life that has everything, including allergies?

it will never threaten to stab you and it cannot speak

A companion cube tissue box. (The companion cube is from the amazing game Portal by Valve.)

I don’t know if I could be any more proud of this thing. Mostly because I came up with the idea on my own. Of course now I just googled it and found out: so did everyone else. However! They did not stitch one up. (Looks like they’re mostly felt?) Man, I really hate that about crafting! You think, oh yeah, I’ve come up with a cool and original idea. Then you post it and people are like, yeah bite me, I came up with that idea and you STOLE it from me. No, I didn’t. (Plus I’m a real stickler for giving people credit where it’s due since it burns me up when people don’t give me credit for things. If I haven’t given you credit though for something you’ve helped me with or an idea you’ve given me, let me know!)

Still, this was the first stitching project I’ve come up with on my own, made up a pattern and put together.

I like to look around home stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target. Usually I’ll see one or two kind-of-okay looking tissue box covers and think, I should really get one of those. We have a ridiculous amount of tissue boxes lying around our house because even though Zyrtec is pretty good, it doesn’t always cut it. Those tissue boxes from the store cost like $15-$20 though and they’re pretty lame when you get down to it. If we have to be the nerds who have allergies and glasses then we better cover our tissue boxes in something that says: YES, WE’RE NERDS.

The top is the portal that the tissues come out of! I really was thinking with Portals.

I don’t have too much experience with the plastic grids I used, so I’m pretty pleased with how this came out. I would definitely change some things if I made another one. Plus it was slow going from idea to completion. I thought of it last year and then hemmed and hawed on it until recently. Since this is my year of actually doing things, I figured I’d start out with this project that I’ve been carrying around in my head for quite a while. I’m just a little bummed- I should have checked online first. If I’d done that though, I wouldn’t have made it at all.

Plus it’s fun to branch out from knitting every now and then.

Screw it- I’m still proud as crazy! Besides, there are obviously lots of companion cube crafts out there: after all, I’ve already made one! I can still be proud that this one is all mine.

As I’m writing this, John is working on his Transmission Received Achievement. Just so you know guys: the floor will kill you so you should try to avoid it.

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