another hat and even more snow

Man, I really thought we were done with the snow. When I woke up this morning though, we were at a level 2 snow emergency.

I went to pull down the hats and gloves this year and I discovered something upsetting: they’d all disappeared. There was a bag and it had some weird winter stuff in it… but none of my knit hats. Which many of you will remember: some I really liked. (*cough* one not so much.) Where have they gone?! Even if I don’t like a knit, I still enjoy it existing somewhere. I don’t like the thought of them floating around some knit purgatory.

A lot will keep me from re-knitting something. The fact that there are so many great patterns out there. My little patience. Mostly it’s that I’m an average speed knitter. Unless I’m around other knitters or people chatting, then I’m downright slow. I’m not a speed knitter.

However I did re-knit a pattern last night and the most important thing is that I finished it. I started and finished a project in a night! I even had the buttons sewn on before I went to bed.

Yep, it’s another Hannah hat [rav link]. This time in super red. It makes me kind of sad that MagKnits went down in a ball of angst and drama filled flames. I started this hat last night at around five and I even had the buttons sewn on before I went to bed.

What I love about this hat is that it doesn’t just have a hole for your ponytail because you could just cut a hole into any hat and call it a day. This way lets you wrap the hat just how you like it. If you want a snugger or looser fit, you just move where the buttons are. I added an extra row to make it longer but I don’t think it made too much of a difference. Of course I love the buttons:

They’re pressed flowers! The pictures I took today aren’t very good but it’s also snowing out. I hope to get better ones when it stops but I will probably forget by then. If it ever stops.

Besides that, the cats are still alive. We haven’t resorted to eating them… yet. I’ve got John’s cat in mind on that one. Not because I think she’s especially plump or sustaining but because she’s driving me insane. She sleeps on my head until I get up, then she takes my spot in bed. That is when she’s not running around yowling. If we threw her out in the snow though, I’m sure we’d never find her again, just some circular tunnels.

Sax, on the other hand, hasn’t moved from that blue blanket thing for two days.

I took a picture of her a month ago and it’s the same story. I just moved the blanket to a different part of the house.

Looking at the two side by side it’s apparent she doesn’t like the new location. The fact that I just did that here on this blog means that I need to get out of the house and I definitely need to stop staring at my cats.

6 thoughts on “another hat and even more snow

  1. Ok, who the eff can learn to speed knit from that video?!!! You can’t even see what she’s doing. I can be fast at time depending on what… but I don’t want to stress out about speed especially since I’m super impatient. That is probably why I rarely finish things… patience and lack of interest.

    Congrats on the hat, super cute. And it was probably the evil cat that hid your winter knits somewhere. It’s become an arsenal or ransom demand perhaps.

  2. Awesome hat! I love the buttons too.

    And I’m sitting here laughing at your cats and you… hopefully it will stop snowing soon so you won’t sit there staring that the cats… or trying to eat one of them. šŸ˜‰

  3. You’re hilarious! I definitely need to add that hat to my queue on ravelry. Not being able to wear a regular beanie with a ponytail is a serious issue for me. Ha ha! Love those buttons too!

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