Yes please!

I’m very excited because tonight I get to go out on the town. I don’t know if it’s going out or getting to use italics that is so exciting. Don’t get me wrong- it’s not like I’m chained to a radiator or anything in some creepy dudes basement. Sometimes I go out plenty. But you see, it’s been a little depressing in the old Cap City lately with the snow and the jackasses not knowing how to drive. (Especially in the crusty white ladies driving SUV’s while drinking a chi mocha latte and chatting on their iPhones heaven known as Dublin.)

Still, I am ready to brave all of that to get out of my house. Because as much as I love my house and think it’s awesome, I’m tired of listening to John’s cat yowl incessantly. She’s figured out a way to make noise even when she’s asleep. Anyways! I told you all it snowed. When it started John and I made a snow beast:

He was a lot of fun to make. Also a lot of physical effort. Man, kids have some amazing energy. Although this picture might be deceptive, he’s a hulkster.

Sorry for sounding like a smug jackass in the recording.

So besides all that. I do have some knitting for you! I finally gave Julie her Christmas present which I thought turned out alright. I made her a Cashmere Neck Warmer [rav link] from Luxury One Skein Wonders. (I wouldn’t recommend the book though. This was the only pattern I really liked from it.)

Of course my favorite part is the button. Some specs: I suppose this is the nicest yarn [rav link] I’ve ever worked with. It’s 100% Cashmere. However it made me really mad! You might be able to tell from this photo, or maybe not, but it was all loose. When I opened the skein I thought there had been a mistake and they’d sent me sock yarn instead of 5ply. Because the yarn wasn’t twisted together, it looked like individual threads. So I instantly felt frustration, like, am I going to have to hold five together somehow this whole way through? Because I could have just done that with sock yarn in my stash!

I didn’t know who to ask about it except for, of course, the person I was giving it to. D’oh. So I’m pretty sure Julie knew she was getting a cashmere something or other.

Anyways, the pattern was nice, although I thought it was a little too skinny to give the neck any real warmth. I made it wider than it said but I know why it said to make it smaller- there’s no yarn in that skein. Which is usually the case for a luxury yarn. You’re lucky if you get a hundred yards out of it.

While I enjoyed it and can now officially say I’ve knit with cashmere and not a cashmere blend *hoity toity*… it’s yet another thing in life that reaffirms that I am just not cultured. However I am glad that I gave it to someone awesome like Julie who understands… the Universe.

7 thoughts on “Yes please!

  1. Dude, I love your snow monster! When I look outside my window at the buildings in front of me someone left a snowman on their roof and it’s waving at me… I think I’d much rather have a snow monster there.

    And awesome neckwarmer! Sorry the yarn was such a pain to knit with, though. It did turn out great in the end. 🙂

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