A reason to love Knit Picks <3

So it has been a while since I’ve talked about Knit Picks. I’m not endorsed by or endorsing them or anything… although it would be cool to get a corporate sponsorship. Then I’d get a bunch of comments here calling me a sellout and telling me I’ve lost my indie cred. Although wait, do I even have indie cred right now? [pssst, knit picks, I’m just sitting here waiting for you to open up a stand for me to sell out… of?]

Enough of that, here’s the real story. I like to play movie trivia. A LOT. It’s like this terrifying drive that I have. If someone says movie trivia, I’m game. Random fact, when we play Scene It, I have this uncanny ability to get every question about Xanadu right. Which is something I’m absurdly proud of. (If you’ve ever played Scene It: BOS then you know there are a ridiculous amount of questions about Xanadu.) What makes it better is that I’ve never even seen Xanadu. I’ve never read about it either. Something about the questions though makes me wonder if maybe I’m destined to travel back in time and write Xanadu. I should probably watch the movie though. But if I watch it, will my freakish skill be lost? <— whoa, tangent.

So one night we’re playing Scene It and John is tired of getting his ass handed to him. He says, “Oh, I’m going to win this next one, you can bet on it.”

Now that’s pretty tame for John. If you’ve ever been over when he plays games you know he’s got a mean mouth on him. However it was also incredibly weird for him to say because John is not a betting man. I would say John, despite his swear words, is 67% Amish. So we make our bets and bing, bang, boom: I win. Which means John agreed to get me everything on my wish list. I’m not going to hold him on that… some of the things on my wish list are pretty ridiculous.

Some things on that list though (I’ve taken things down as I’ve gotten them and he got me 3/4 of my list for Christmas- whoop!) were lace blocking needles from knit picks and another set of sock needles.

Anyways, it’s a week before Christmas and we’re talking and I said something like “well I’m worried about this thing that I’m making but I think it’ll block out much bigger than I think.”

John: “Yeah? Speaking of blocking, I was talking to a coworker today and he said that his wife just got some lace blocking needles but they were bent… are they supposed to be bent?”

Oh man, I think I laughed so hard at that. I was like, seriously? So he sheepishly admitted that he got me some lace blocking needles for Christmas. But guess what people? THEY WERE BENT.

Something must have fallen on the package during shipping.

He called Knit Picks today (even though he didn’t want to but it has been over a month) and they said, well that’s crazy but no big deal, we’ll just send you new ones. Not, okay, lets start this long and involved process of “you return the incredibly broken stuff and once we confirm that it is in fact broken, we’ll send you a replacement”. Just, that sucks, we’ll get you a new one. You might remember, I’ve had to deal with them before. I felt much better this time- probably because I didn’t have a project on these when they got messed up.

Plus, honestly, how much lace do I even do? I think the reason it was on my wish list is because I wish I had the tolerance to do lace. Although once I get these blocking needles I might need to make something to justify this whole thing being such a pain in the ass for people. Or not.

5 thoughts on “A reason to love Knit Picks <3

  1. Whoa, I just got my blocking wires from Knitpicks today! I haven’t opened the package yet, but the package isn’t bent.

    Their customer service is great!

  2. I had a good experience recently as well. Bought the swift some time before christmas and the little nob that screws in to make the ‘umbrella’ stay up, wasn’t really screwing (seriously). I called, they sent a new nob and it works the way it should. YAY!

  3. Knitpicks does have awesome customer service! Every time I’ve had to call them (only twice, but you know) they’ve been really great. I love how you got the blocking wires, though! I’m a movie trivia queen myself. 😀

    Oh and you shouldn’t watch Xanadu… it’s really not that great of a movie. And I really don’t think you’d be confused… unless you get confused at how badly everyone is dressed, LOL!

  4. And you do know that Knit-Picks is just down the road, in “Grove-tucky” right? SouthPark, I think.

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