My super red hat

So I’ve actually got some knitting content! I know, right? I mean, you’d think, hey it’s freaktastically cold outside, why aren’t you knitting up a storm? Well, since I always have an excuse on hand, this time is that it’s cold so I don’t want to move. Moving sucks. It takes all this energy that I just don’t have. I guess it would only make sense to make a hat then.

Shazam! It’s the Snowboard Hat That Rocks and I made it in an amazingly red (and soft!) Cascade Alpaca. I do like it, although it’s a little goofy. I made it with just one ball of the eco-alpaca and I shortened up the hat a little bit. It called for four repeats of the cable pattern but I only did three because otherwise it would have been ridiculously tall and then we would have had another pope-hat occurrence.

This was my first time doing ‘real’ cables. I’ve done cables before but they were all pretty self contained. These cables mixed with each other and it was cool. It took me a while to get used to it and I had to undo a good deal of it because I did it right but my tension was a little too, er, strained… however, I really like how nice they look! So much so that my next project has even ‘realer’ cables. Which I’m confident about now but I haven’t gotten to the part with the cables yet so I’ll start crying later.

In the original you’re supposed to do a braid and I’ve seen people add like an i-Cord edging or crocheted border. However I’d have to crack into my other ball to do that and I’d really rather turn that other ball into another hat. So while this could use some finishing and probably needs it… I’m not so sure. Still, I really like this hat. If only for the fact that it’s so brazenly red.

Make one today! I strongly endorse it πŸ˜€

7 thoughts on “My super red hat

  1. Very cool! You could always do your edging of something that you have leftover from another proejct, if you are so inclined. πŸ™‚

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