not as much a Chatty Cathy as a Mopey Mary

Holy crap! It’s already a month into this new year and I haven’t even had the decency to say ‘hey there.’

Well I apologize. I’ve been trying to come up with a cool new thing for the blog. To make it more fun. Or at least, a good read. However I haven’t come up with too much. So instead I’ll just tell it like it is: I’m pretty lame and a lame person equipped with a blog = watch out. The funny thing is that I’ve got two projects to share with you and two projects that are under construction currently. However it’s freezing and ugly outside so I can’t get any good pictures. (There’s the lame kicking in.)

So instead I’ll tell you what I’ve really been up to… nesting. Oh my goodness, it’s like I’ve got ovaries.

Here’s an action shot with not too much action. Also, if you look at the picture in the picture you’ve got a clue toward one of my projects. Only, my project is cooler. What I’ve been doing is hanging pictures. Well, I’ve been framing them and John’s the one who knows where the level is. He actually hung some brand new curtains for me the other day. To match this headboard that we got off the internet months ago but only just arrived. Which is kind of funny because it was the first time I thought, have I just been scammed by the internet? Like it’s a real person who is shifty and wants your pension.

Sorry about the flash and general crappiness. Pictures in the winter and me are constantly in a drunken bar room brawl. I got this poster when we went to PAX after I watched a preview for BioShock 2. So now it’s like you can virtually sit in my living room with me and we can knit and talk about this bastardly weather we’re having. Or we can move to the computer room, which I happen to be in right now, looking at my awesome Mystery Team poster!!

When Julie got to go to New York I was super jealous because they had extended the Mystery Team showing there, so I told her she should check it out… thinking she probably wouldn’t. However she totally got to go see it and not only that but she had the people who were there from the movie sign a poster for me–!!! I’m still jealous that she got to see it since it hasn’t come here yet, although they just put it up on Amazon to preorder, so that’s cool, I’ll get to see it eventually. In the mean time, I can look at my kick ass poster and dream, thanks to Julie. πŸ™‚

Although, not to be outdone, John also got a sign for Christmas:

He wanted to get this when we were in Savannah last year. When he had finally made up his mind to get it though, the store was closed and it was our last day there. So that was a bummer. My mom ended up ordering it from the shop we saw it in and giving it to him for Christmas. Oh yeah, that holiday happened. On Christmas Eve we went for a leisurely drive and ended up in Plain City where we found the Holiday Horse. We took pictures with that horse.

Why? Well, why the hell not? How often do you see a Holiday Horse? (If you don’t live in Plain City, that is.)

In other fairly unrelated but loosely tethered news, my stepsisters baby is freaking adorable. Here she is on Christmas in her cute getup:

Isn’t that one classy baby?

My ‘resolutions’ for this year are pretty simple: less talking, more doing. Lets see how that goes, alright?

3 thoughts on “not as much a Chatty Cathy as a Mopey Mary

  1. I’m so glad to see you posting again! I hope you stick around this time!

    Love all your “nesting.” πŸ˜‰ That Help Wanted poster is hilarious. And your niece is amazingly adorable! Love those cheeks. πŸ˜€

    Oh and I laughed when I saw the Holiday Horse. Never knew such a thing existed!

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