Murder Cowl

So to preface this post: I don’t know how people are in love with designing. There are too many effing decisions to make. This cowl came about out of necessity. I saw a pattern that looked kinda, enh, janky but I’d seen it done in a magazine in a different yarn and it looked pretty hot. It turned out it was really the dude modeling it that was hot and not so much the pattern. Well crap, here I was left needing something and with a kind of lame (and totally humongous) pattern. I needed to modify and in the end just do my own thing. That’s how the Murder Cowl was born.

No stopping him, he’s looking to the future.

Also, can you believe how long that hair is getting? It’s almost like the Great Beard Experiment of ’08. Only hairier.

John’s parents got me a gift certificate to my yarn store last year for Christmas. So I figured, what better way to punish reward them than to knit them something from their gift, right? John picked out this yarn, it’s Elsbeth Lavold Silky Flamme- with accent marks. He picked out the colors. He just didn’t have any ideas for projects. Those skeins had about enough for a hat in them. But apparently his dad doesn’t wear hats but he will wear a scarf. (Sure, logic that works.)

I refuse to make any more scarves.

I mean, really, screw that noise. So a gaiter seemed like a good middle ground for everyone involved.

I asked Julie if I should do all the cables at the same time or if I should stagger them. She had the most awesome answer:

“You should stagger them. Because stagger rhymes with dagger and then it could be a murder cowl.”

Hell yes! I mean, there’s all kinds of strife and drama involved here. Multiple colors vying for attention. Staggered mock v. real ass cable. Nothing is going the same way, it’s all haphazard and willy-nilly. In all that chaos, you’d never know if someone got shanked. At one point I didn’t know if I was writing a cowl pattern or a scene from Oz. Either way: intense hotness.

If his dad wears this thing once I’ll consider it a success.

3 thoughts on “Murder Cowl

  1. Great job! Love the name too, LOL!

    Oh and I can totally understand your frustration… I was thinking of designing something of my own soon but just the logistics of it is keeping me from starting… so difficult!

  2. Woah…that’s uhh…serious looking! Needs more spikes, though. Or maybe some sort of crest patch on the front. 😉 Looks nice and warm!

    And 50 bonus points for using the word “janky” – excellent choice.

  3. not only is that AWESOME, but Julie’s train of thought? Exactly how my brain works…I can easily see how things like that would come out of her mouth.

    Janky? Sounds like Jinkies which is from Scooby Doo, which reminds me that no ghosts aren’t real and I wish my hair would look like Daphne’s all the time. bad hair day.

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