ex-werewolves and murder bags

So, I don’t know if you’d call me a last minute person but I definitely seem to be lately. We knew our friends were having a party like a ridiculous amount of time in advance and we knew they had really planned out their costumes. However we didn’t decide what we wanted to be until Thursday of last week. Which basically left Friday to go out and get stuff for our costumes. Then I had to stitch up a mask and bing bang boom, we had Halloween costumes. Kinda.

John went as a werewolf that had turned back into a human. Or himself after he gets angry and takes it out on his clothes. I mean, really guys, he’s so very angry and serious because Halloween is definitely serious business.

Are you guys serious yet? Because he’d hate to have to go all werewolf angry on the cute floral pillow in the background that Jessica made. It was our friends Jessica and Joey who had the party and they went as Travis Touchdown and Sylvia Christel (from No More Heroes). So here’s a picture for reference.

Here they are:

I was loading my pictures into iPhoto and I realized that man, I really do suck at taking pictures lately. I didn’t have any of my costume! I didn’t take very many of the other people at the party. Mostly because I didn’t know them so I didn’t want a bunch of pictures of strangers. Especially photos of random strangers boobs. Because one girl who was there was all about showing everyone her boobs. Which, I guess that’s cool?

Pretty lame of me for sure. The next day I had John take some pictures of me though. I went as Dr. Henry Killinger from the Venture Bros. Here’s a reference:

Here’s me being a tool/dork/nerd:

There are some more pictures at my flickr. Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween!


2 thoughts on “ex-werewolves and murder bags

  1. LOL, I love John’s serious ex-werewolf face! And your costume is awesome, even with the lack of extreme boobage (hey! I can see some boobs there!). 😉

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