Crazy Awesome Weekend!

My weekend started out with a bang! On Friday I got to go see the Flaming Lips. I am getting really pumped for their new release Embryonic. I especially like Convinced of the Hex.

Their opening got me pumped. It’s been a long time since I’ve been that excited at a concert.

They played all the songs I wanted them to and then a few songs I hadn’t realized I’d wanted them to.

Of course, with a Friday like that my Saturday was pretty lame. Shelving books all day is especially boring after a sweet concert. However to make up for that, my Sunday was pretty freaking awesome since I went to A Wool Gathering. (You might remember it from before?) I got there via rocket car, Julie’s rocket car that can and does go faster than the speed of sound. We sonic boom’d our way there for sure.

When I wasn’t watching the herding dogs be wicked cool I was falling in love with angora bunnies again. While that was happening, Julie was having a Stevie Wonder moment with her yarn.

Isn’t she lovely?

I really can’t stop myself.

4 responses to “Crazy Awesome Weekend!

  1. I imagine a Lips concert would be a true experience, not just a concert. I’m a casual fan and the only reason I would go to their concert is for the show/experience, not their music. I’ve always figured their music is too produced to be able to duplicate live successfully.

    The Lips really get their crowd involved which is really awesome. You definitely got your moneys worth!

  2. Wow – I do strongly resemble Stevie, especially with my rockstar sunglasses!

  3. What a fun weekend! The concert sounds like it was awesome and I love watching herding dogs.:)

  4. I have seen the flaming lips twice in concert–the second time was so AMAZING. It was in oklahoma city and tickets were 12 bucks, they passed out lasers to everyone in attendance so that the whole place had streaks of lights….I could go on and on! They are one of my faves!

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