cherry poppin socks

Before I ran off to join the circus I actually finished some knitting. Lately though, me saying I finished anything sounds like a damn dirty lie. It would probably sound more realistic if I told you I stole these from somebody who was incapacitated, which is what I actually did.

Spring Forward in some beautiful and amazing Malabrigo sock. I freaking love these socks!

Although I kind of jumped the shark on them. See, I was so excited because I tried out some new techniques on these. I made them using magic loop, which I’d never done. I did them toe up! Two at a time even. See, I had one skein of Malabrigo so I didn’t know how much yarn I really had or how long I could make them. So doing two at a time made sense, otherwise it would suck if I made one really long sock and then ran out of yarn for the second and had a midget sock. It would be like when Eric and Bill interact:

I think I would have resented the midget sock. Much like I resent Bill.

I also (thanks to Julie) made a short row heel! Which was really nice and I think I might be a convert.

So I was super excited about these socks because I felt like I achieved so much with them. In my haste I cast off and foolishly wove in the ends for the first sock. Because what could go wrong, right? Well it was soooopa tight. That k1tbl, p1 ribbing just doesn’t work with my calves that are what? Freakishly huge? Too big to wear boots anyways. (However I believe most, if not all boots are made for people with tiny children legs. These are people I’m not friends with because that’s just creepy. I’d rather have man legs than tiny children legs.)

Anyways, it was tight. I was disheartened. It took me a long time to pick them back up and fix them. Which made me realize: knitting has shown me that I’m not a fixer. If it’s broken, who cares? I sure as hell don’t.

So yeah: pattern, super awesome. Yarn, super nice. Together… I think it looks like water. I like it when my knitting comes together like that.

On your toes yet? I am!

I’m in love with these which leads to a very lame post. Knitting needs more angst than just “oh I love you so much knitting, let me tell you how much I love you.” I’m sorry, I’ll try to deliver with like a sweater or a puppet or something.

7 thoughts on “cherry poppin socks

  1. Awesome socks! And I love trying new techniques… sounds like you went for the whole enchilada there, LOL!

    And what’s wrong with Bill? He’s pretty awesome too. 😉 Have you heard he and Anna Paquin are getting married??? Crazy!

  2. Can I just say that you are hilarious and just said many things that I think. Team Eric all the way! And I also have man legs that sadly don’t look all cute in skirts the way those with chicken legs do.

  3. Those are supercute! Also, I can never ever ever gauge if a sock cuff is going to fit right, even after pulling it on over my heel with the DPNs still attached, making my poor leg look like an extremely demented, yarn-covered cactus. Sigh.

  4. I’ve been thinking about casting on this pattern. It looks great in that blue ya got! Very awesome. As always your way with words always gives me a good laugh!

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