While we were on vacation we randomly took a trip to Portland. Which was awesome because we got to check out Powell’s Books. A bookstore that’s the size of a whole city block. That’s where I picked up these babies:

Most of which were used. I pretty much confined myself to one room. It wasn’t until we were leaving that I noticed the knitting wing and John and Alison had to reel me back to reality. Speaking of Alison, she was our tour guide for Portland. Which rocked! Because of her we rode the light rail and street cars all over the city.

She also humored us in our tourist need to try Voodoo Doughnuts. They are to doughnuts what Jeni’s is to ice cream. So if that question comes up on the SAT you know the answer.

Don’t they all look deliciously weird? It was a great side trip to a fun trip in general. Both me and John enjoyed Portland a lot, even though he was starting to get the flu. Which, if you’re keeping score that makes him 2 for 2 on getting sick on vacation this year.

Anyways, Portland is fun, donuts are awesome and I could have spent a whole week just browsing at Powell’s.

I think the next place we want to travel to is Texas. What do you guys think?

5 thoughts on “Portland

  1. Does that donut have Froot Loops on it?

    You know, crazy ice cream flavors is one thing, but I don’t experiment with donuts. Donuts are too visual.

    Maybe that’s how you got sick! A voodoo donut…it wasn’t a jelly donut, but a plague donut!!

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