More Seattle

Were you hoping for more Seattle? I hope so! If not, IGNORE ME.

(I can’t time stamp that video and it’s kind of long- the link is better to watch.)

So, we went to PAX and guess what? Got the pax plague. Yay, thanks West Coast, it was nice meeting you too. Well at least I also got to meet the prince.

Before the convention though I had John come up with something to do on Thursday since we didn’t have anything planned. Here he is in our cool room using their awesome wireless that worked on the first go, which was a nice change.

His plan? Drive around the Olympic Peninsula and check out different yarn shops. Which led to this interaction:

John: Forks? That’s a funny name for a town.

3 hours later.

Me: Wait, did you say Forks? I thought that was the made up town in Twilight.

John: Yeah right, that ho has never had an original idea in her life, of course it’s a real place.

Me: No way, there’s no way that exists.

Which led to:

Well now I know and that’s worth… something I guess.

Anyways, back to Pax. John got to check out Global Agenda, which he freaking loved, so I was glad for that. He talked to one of the artists for a good long time and we went back several times during the weekend.

My favorite game was definitely Scribblenauts. Although I was sad when my unicorn got humped to death by my minotaur.

But yeah, besides trying to kill us (which it still might succeed) Seattle was okay. Now here are my WTF moments towards it:

1) The crows. There were crows everywhere. I wasn’t expecting that. It was kind of creepy, like we were in some sort of gothic novel.

2) The traffic was bonkers. Sure you think you’re being nice when we all get to an intersection that’s an ‘all way’ stop and you wave me forward. Everyone wanted to do that “you go” “no you go” “no YOU go” bullshit. You’re not being nice, you’re pissing me off- how about we observe the traffic law and whoever has the right of way goes, fair enough? Heh, I think traffic school instructor Julie is rubbing off on me. Plus there were a lot of five-way stops and I’m used to the typical four way stop. There was a lot of John yelling “turn left- no the other farther left- crap!”

3) The food. It was expensive. Like we always paid at least $10 more and we got a lot less. Which I get it, that’s why the Midwest is fat. Still, if I’m paying more and getting less I’m feeling a little burned.

4) Another traffic WTF: on side streets cars could park whatever direction they felt like. So a lot of times I freaked out thinking I was on a one way street but people just all parked their cars the same direction. Or they’d be all haphazard one way, the other, however they felt.

Now you know how I really feel. (Besides crappy that is. *coughdie*)

(Taken outside the EMP/SFM, which was pretty sweet. We got free comic books and I got to explore Arrakis.)

Up next: Portland!

9 thoughts on “More Seattle

  1. Hahaha! You should see the crows during mating season! It’s frightening on the UW campus. They literally cover the pathways and grass like a creepy crow carpet.

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